A Dog, Hip Belt Problems and a Good Run

P4190002This was a great morning for a run high 50’s, light SW-W breeze and bright sun. Got out there and never really over heated or worked up too much of a sweat for this distance.

I could have done this one without the hip belt/water carrier. The hip belt actually caused more problems during the run than it solved, more on that later, but I am definitely going to start looking for a replacement over the next few weeks.

The Newton’s did great and I purposely didn’t wear the Zensah compression socks or my calf sleeves to see how my legs felt with just running in the Gravity’s. Towards the end, I did notice some hot spots around my ankles (I think the sides are a little higher than my other shoes), so I need to change the lacing a little to adjust for that, so I don’t get any blisters on my longer runs.

Surprise, Surprise

I had just gotten off the dirt road and turned up the Bartlett Rd, when I was about 100 yards up it, I thought I heard something pretty close behind me. When I turned to look, it was a dog quietly chasing me down.

This scared the shit out of me (dogs don’t usually come quietly like that, unless they are in predator mode) and instinctively I yelled loudly at it, stood up straight and started walking towards it yelling and waving my arms. By the way this is not what the experts will say you are supposed to do – but I was on pure reaction and adrenaline at this point, nothing else.

The dog (which is a pit-bull mix) stopped and quickly retreated back about 20 yards and started barking at this lunatic, it had been zeroing in on. I kept yelling at it, to keep it moving away and to get the owner’s attention to get their damn dawg. They were outside (I saw them when I rounded the corner) and but they either purposely ignored me or had gone inside for a minute.

As the dog backed off, I stopped and my brain suddenly kicked in and asked “what to hell are you doing, forcing the issue with a pit-bull mix dog?” I stopped and started to slowly back-up, while the dog was still barking at me. It had decided it didn’t want anything to do with me and was going back down the road. Finally it turned around and started running back towards where it lives.

I was too relieved and pissed to chase after it, because I knew if I did I would cause a scene in the neighborhood. Sometimes in the country it is just better to say no injury – move on. Can be safer and helps to keep the peace, since I know who the people are that own the dog and really don’t want to deal with them or the problems it could cause. Sometimes getting the authorities involved only makes things worse and doesn’t solve the problem.

At this point I noticed a woman up the road a little ways, in her yard with her phone out. I waved to her and she slipped it back in her bag and waved back and a guy leaning on a long-handled shovel was watching from his garage at the same house – he waved too. Made me feel a little better. I imagine they have had encounters with this dog also.

Dealing with loose dogs is just one of those joyful things about living in the country. But it sure as hell got my heart-rate up a bit. The whole thing only took about 15-20 seconds, but it seemed a lot longer than that. I was glad that I still had some running left to do to get rid of that adrenaline burger I just ate.

Felt pretty good after that

The run itself was nice, felt strong the whole way.


I do need to start pushing harder on the hills when I come to them, instead of just plugging up them.

I stopped at the top and took some photos, unfortunately, the below picture doesn’t really show how beautiful the view actually is.


I took some pictures of the old Tiffany Rd. Church/Meeting House.


Somehow, the side pouch fell off my hip belt and I had to go back and get it – still haven’t figured out how it just fell in the road (of course a car was coming – so I had to really hustle before it got run over). Which was a royal pain in the butt.

But at least I noticed it pretty quickly and the car didn’t get to drive over my camera.

Guess it is time to start looking for a new 2 bottle hip belt or else wear my hydration pack more often.



That explains the 3 major slow down points in the run and took some pictures on the others.


By the way, I used the RunTastic Pro App for my iPhone again today. It worked flawlessly and seemed more accurate than the others that I have used. I plan to keep experimenting, but at least it did what I wanted, except for the pace/elevation chart which I don’t like.

I had planned to keep the pace between 8:30 and 9:00, but at mile 6 I decided to pick it up a little and was able throw in a sub 8:00 minute mile, which I thought was pretty good, after running 6.0 miles.

Then I dialed it back again to save a bit if the dogs were still out when I went by (they weren’t). Then I hit the dirt road and slowed way down again.

Just after I passed the 8.0 mile mark, I saw TheWife and Bennie walking and decided that 8 plus was far enough and stopped and walked the rest of the way home with them.

Overall it was a very good run and I still managed to be under a 9:00 minute pace overall in spite of all the stops and distractions.


9 comments on “A Dog, Hip Belt Problems and a Good Run

  1. Ankle biters is what we call dogs that give chase to runners in Britain, the main danger posed by them is they will trip you up.

    • Alex, unfortunately, this one wasn’t an ankle biter and had thoughts of doing more than tripping me up, it’s head was more about butt level and seemed to want a chunk, not a little nibble ;-).

      • Just part of living in the country sometimes. Out heah the rules are a little different than in town and if you ignore them you do so at your own risk. Nope glad I got the run in and didn’t have to confront the owners, but it seemed I had some backup if the dog had attacked, which is something else we do out heah :-).
  2. I’ve only had to mace a dog once out in Albion when on my bike. I’ve had MANY encounters. My very worst was last winter on the Brann Road in Winslow. Got in a full on crouch/tuck in the road as I thought I was going to get mauled all the while the owner is screaming at the dog. I have VERY little tolerance for dogs harassing me running/cycling at this point.

    • I agree and have a feeling that I am going to stop at Paradis Outfitters at the end of the month and get some pepper spray – my luck the wind will be wrong, but at least it is a little reassuring.

    • I was in reaction mode and I guess it figured I wasn’t worth the effort. Evidently it viewed me as prey and when I turned around and came at it I was no longer prey. I don’t know, but luckily it worked and the dog decided a crazy lunatic human in front of it might be more than it bargained for ;-).

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