Just an Easy 5.0–4/20/12


On my morning walk with Bennie, we spotted this big bird (pretty sure it was a Turkey Vulture) and this was the best photo I could get of it.

Today was supposed to be a track w/o according to my schedule – guess what I didn’t do it! Just didn’t feel like driving into town to do one. So I decided to do a hilly 5.0 and call it good, but I remember my post from back in November, when just making it around this course was a long run and a major milestone in my return to running when I made it around that first time.

I decided to start using the Nike+ App and see what changes they are going to make with the site, I just seem to keep coming back to the Nike+ website. I just feel comfortable with it (when it is working) and hope when they get done with their updates this summer, I have a feeling that they are really going to have great website to track your miles and graphically show different ways to break down your runs.

I decided to create a new Nike+ account and just start over completely, to get a view of how I am doing now, instead of a few months ago or years ago.


When I used the Nike+ iPhone app today, it worked flawlessly and was very accurate compared to many of the others that I have been using.. The only thing that was a pain in the butt was it kept telling me I wasn’t connected to a data network – no kidding – I know that I am not.


The run itself was pretty good through 3.0 miles, but the heat (78F) started to get me and I just didn’t have enough energy left to maintain the pace for the last two miles today, did too much walking and yard work, before the run. I’ve also done a lot of miles for me since Tuesday and was feeling it in my legs today, especially on the last 3 hills.

One thing I noticed about running in my Newton’s today was that my ankle has a pretty good spot where the skin was been worn-away. It seems that the Gravity’s come up a little too high on my ankles and rub them a bit – never bothered before this week??? I know that I will develop a callous over this spot and it won’t bother me in a week or two, but it is annoying right now.

Sometime over the next couple of weeks, the local tree service is coming in and putting 9 trees on the ground. I don’t like dropping trees – too many bad things can happen and I let the experts do that for me. Playing at lumberjack will be part of my fitness program over the 3-4 weeks after the trees are on the ground. Toting a chainsaw around to cut up the trees, then chipping the smaller branches and the piece de resistance – a 12 pound splitting maul lifted over my head hundreds of times for a couple hours or more a day, to split the wood into firewood, are a going to develop some serious upper body muscles.


Yes there are 9 of those trees with lime colored ribbons around them that are going to be on the ground soon.

This is my alternative to going to the gym and weightlifting – I think it is called a functional workout Smile.



2 comments on “Just an Easy 5.0–4/20/12

  1. There is nothing like working outside and cutting wood, that helps invigorate. It is a concrete task, not abstract, where there is a definite start and finish and where the finish provides you with a great sense of accomplishment. I love that stuff!

    The heat last weekend kicked my butt too, I started my half at 10:20 pace, which really meant I was closer to an 8:20, since it took about 2 minutes to get to the starting line. The second mile was spot on nearly with a 9:49. But then, there are hills in St. Louis, really, then add the temperatures closing in on 76 degrees, and one more thing, to take my mind off this half, and shuffle my way to the finish, my nipples began to burn (I forgot to protect them). Suffice it to say, as the course increased in miles, the slower I got. I finished it in 2:21:12 chip time. I averaged a 10:36-ish pace. There went my thinking I could do a < 2:00:00 half. So, to you point, hills, heat, oh and mental distractions, all add up to taking it slower than we want to.

    I guess I didn't start reading your blog until after the first of the year sometime. So the November post kind of puts your training into perspective. You have come a long way, to me, in a short period of time. Wow, what an improvement.

    Keep up the good work. Amby Burfoot gave me some sage advice about the heat, which bares some repeating, "Go slow!" It took me a while to figure it out last year (I've only taken up running now going on my second year) but after researching it, it takes more effort to run in heat, since your body doesn't cool as fast. Mentally it took me about a month to get it, by that time I had acclimated and my times became more in line with what I wanted to be doing.

    I love this sport! 🙂 Thanks for sharing…

    • Truth be told, I sort of look forward to the my annual “lumberjack” time, it gets me in shape and has a sense of accomplishment you usually don’t get in your day-to-day work. That is a good time for a 1/2 in those conditions…I have just learned to go at my body’s pace in the heat, it knows better than I do what kind of effort I can sustain.

      The distractions of blisters, chafe and all the others take a toll on your focus, which does mean it affects your time, whether it is a race or a training run. It has been a good journey back to running consistently again, thanks :-).

      I know isn’t running great :-),

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