My Alternative Exercise Program

This morning my alternative workout gym was being created.

The main culprits of creating my new workout facility were these folks:

Foster's Tree Service

I have had them come out every year for the past 5 years and they do a GREAT job!

The guys in action

They did a great job and put my exercise equipment on the ground without any damage to the surrounding area, vehicles or anybody. When they left they were smiling and commenting on how much “work” I had to do. They even volunteered to come back later in the summer to create more exercise equipment – I respectfully declined. ๐Ÿ˜‰

So here is my upper body workout equipment over the next month or so:

Trees are on the ground!

Looking at the rest

There are a total of 9 trees that were put down this morning in less than an hour. Including this big old Beech, that the local woodpeckers were starting to attack, which meant it was dying and in a few years might have ended up on our garage, so it was time to bring it down.

All of these trees now need to be limbed, chipped, cut to length about 14 inches, split and stacked. Going by past experience, this process will probably take me about 3-4 weeks and will be the GREAT upper body workout that I know I need.

This process is one of the reasons that I have delayed (procrastinated) my speed work. After doing this workout for 3-6 hours daily, I will not have the energy for speed work. ย However, once this project is finished, I know that I will be in great shape and ready to begin.

I wonder if I will loose some more weight or if I will pack on muscle and give the old body a little definition – should be interesting.

If you are looking for a great company to do any tree work in Central Maine, please contact Bob at Foster’s Tree Service, they do a great job and are very professional while doing it – I highly recommend them.

Besides how else can I thank them for creating my new gym :-).

Well now it is time to get ready to fire up the chainsaw and chipper, my alternative exercise program awaits me.


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