Two for One Today–5/1/12

It has been a crazy past couple of days, yesterday I met with someone to help them with their Bog and after I got home, found out that the job I really would like came open again. This meant I had to move up my updating of my Federal Resume from next week to yesterday and today.  This afternoon, I pressed submit on the application, so we will see how it goes.

Why is all that important to running? Well to be honest my job search got in the way of my running. That doesn’t mean I didn’t run, it just meant that I didn’t really have the time to write about it. Smile

Yesterday, I did a fairly quick 5 miles and my mile coming back up the hill, was faster than my 3-4 mile (a first for that in a long time). I did lose my focus a lot during mile 3-4, I got to thinking about what else I could do on that darn Federal Resume and didn’t realize I how much I was slowing down. I know when running focus on running, when working on job search – focus on job search.

Sorry it doesn’t work that way in my world, I use running to help me clarify thoughts and think of different ways to approach or look at problems I am working on. I did think of a couple of things that might help me stand out from the pack during yesterday’s run and incorporated them into my resume last night.

Today’s run was to relax me and get me to wind-down from ensuring that all the t’s were dotted and I’s were crossed – oops well you can see why I need the run. Winking smile.  I wanted to go slow – around a 9:30 pace and finished with a 9:17 pace, so it was too far off, but it was raining pretty hard when I started through about 1/2 of the run, then after that it was just a cold drizzle in the mid 40’s.


I did get some great news – I got selected to be part of the beta test of the next generation of the Nike Plus Website (Running Log), so I will not be posting images of my splits or elevation/pace for about a month or so – I agreed to not show any images of their site until after their release. I plan to honor that agreement to the letter. Even so, I can talk about it to my heart’s content and I can already tell you that it is better than the current version, faster, graphically easier on the eye and just a better online experience.

Now I just have to get into the nuts and bolts to figure how it works and what needs to be improved in my opinion – already saw a couple things, but those are between Nike Plus staff and me for now.


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