Easy Run to Recover from Yesterday 5/3/12

Today’s run was an easy recovery run that I planned to run at between a 9:30 and 10:00 pace and I ran a 9:40 pace. Actually it was just about perfect conditions for a run high 40’s, a little breeze out of the south and no sun – Didn’t have to worry about overheating at all. However, I just didn’t want to overdue and went for my recovery run instead.

I think running in my old Nike’s is getting my left tendon a little riled up, so I tried going back to my Saucony Kinvara 2 and the right ankle didn’t bother at all (no rubbing), so I ran in them today. They just “feel” slower than my Nike’s and I was slapping the ground with my left foot instead of “gently’ kissing it. Oh well definitely more form work is coming my way :-).

Been busy working on my résumé, LinkedIn profile and getting into job search mode, so blogging and social media have taken a bit of a back seat, while I focus my attention in that direction.

RunLog 5-3-12



2 comments on “Easy Run to Recover from Yesterday 5/3/12

    • Being able to run in the Kinvara’s was great progress, because while I like the Nike, they are old and bother my knees for anything over 5 or so miles. Today’s run was pretty good :-). Thanks for the wishes, it will be fine and I will find something that I will love doing 🙂

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