The Great Alternative Work-Out Plan Photos

I haven’t run 3 of the last 4 days due to a strain (if I had to guess) in the soleus muscle behind my left Achilles tendon. I ran yesterday, but probably went a little to hard and just re-injured what ever is going on – Oh well the plight of a runner, always trying to walk that fine line between injury and running :-).

That does not mean that I have sat on the couch eating chips and drinking beer :-), though the thought has crossed my mind more than once today. My alternative workout program has gone great, when it isn’t raining.

Back on April 25th, the tree service came in and put 9 trees on the ground for me and it looked like this:

Trees on the Ground

I have done a lot of limbing and cutting to stove length

There were two more brush piles like this

What is left of those brush piles – filled that hole in nicely. Notice that pile of wood here – that needs to be split (by hand)

This is a different pile, that got finished today and now looks like

I got very well re-acquainted with that red-handled tool of destruction this morning and afternoon. Not being able to run, means more time for my abs and arms workout 🙂

Another view of the big old beech, a smaller one and about 1/2 of a 14″ diameter maple that is under the big beech that all still need to be cut up to stove length. This is going to be the tough work, because these one are the biggest wood I will have made into firewood in a long time. Not looking forward to having to split these babies by hand.

As you can see I have plugged away steadily at making those trees into firewood and wood chips in between the rain drops over the past week. I still have a ways to go, but progress is being made.

Whole Body Workout

This is my alternative whole body workout and it must be working because my running mileage is way down over the past week, with a few minor aches and pains that I want to heal fully before I start hitting the road hard again.  This morning I stepped on the scales and came in at 154 and I haven’t been over 156 at all lately.

I also noticed that I almost have a hint of definition in my biceps, I thought I might have seen an ab muscle (just a momentary glimpse – maybe it was wishful thinking) for the first time in years and my shoulders are tired as all get out (who know’s maybe I am developing that “V” shape.

This alternative whole body workout is a good thing and is serving a couple of purposes – saving a lot of money for next fall through spring and getting my weight lifting done.

Face Protection while chipping

Offering to Share

Have you ever used a chain saw for multiple hours, dragged brush around, chipped it, then swung a splitting maul and then stacked what’s left. If you haven’t it is a great workout and I can even be generous and share if you would like come over and experience the burn of this workout for yourself.

It definitely is one of the best whole body workouts that there is and the best part is that I have all the equipment ready for you ;-). Doing my best “Tom Sawyer” impression there :-).

Something New

Today I also did something I haven’t done in many years – I took my shirt off outdoors. No I don’t have washboard abs, but I am not embarrassed about how I look without my shirt on anymore – no more looking like I am six months pregnant. However, I still am not confident enough to have a picture taken and then put it up here yet.

As much as I am “enjoying” this workout, I will be glad when I get back to running everyday – I am really missing my long runs!

Never thought this old “Sprinter” would ever say that!


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