Actually Got a Run In Today – 5/9/12

I was able to get out for almost 2.5 miles today!!!!! At the end my left soleus by my ankle was hurting just a touch, but not like it had been. I really wanted to keep running, but played it smart and stopped when I was supposed to. Going to try to be a little smarter than I am most of the time and not run farther or faster (for me) until there is no pain.

Discomfort I can handle, pain is a warning that something isn’t quite right, it is learning to know the difference that takes time :-).

Admittedly it was GREAT to be running since I missed 4 of the last 5 days, but at the same time they were needed. If I hadn’t tried to run so fast on Sunday, I would probably be running fairly normal by now, lesson learned, just have to remember it for next time.


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