Back In the Newtons – 5/10/12

I ran in the Newton’s tonight!!! My ankle had healed up enough so that I dared to try them again.

I also think that I have the problem figured out. The heal counter on the Gravity is fairly rigid (feels like a fiberboard of some kind) and the cushioning pushes away from the top of it just enough to make it rub my ankle raw. So I went ahead and re-bent the top 1/4 of an inch of the fiberboard several times to loosen it up and then pushed it outwards. When I tried the shoe back on felt a lot better. I have to loosen the board up a little more to make it more flexible, but that seemed to fix the problem.

It felt great to be running in them again. I purposely stayed slow because of the minor tightness still in my left soleus, but otherwise everything felt great!!!! Had plenty of gas and bounce to my step and could have gone a lot faster.

The two weeks that I haven’t run have almost been like a taper period and I am ready to a good race this weekend, but unfortunately haven’t signed up for any and don’t plan to. So I will probably try to do a longer run of 9-10 on Saturday to see how the Newton’s do on the longer run. Just hope everything goes well.

One thing about using the Nike+ iPhone App that I really like is the ability to correct the distance if it is too far off from reality. Tonight it registered 2.92 for my regular 5K course, so I just changed it :-). Screws up the splits, but hey I get the right distance/time.

RunLog 5-10-12



2 comments on “Back In the Newtons – 5/10/12

  1. I love the 8:57 pace and your ankle whoas going away! Great stuff! It also sounds like you are quite busy with work. Another plus!

    My Birthday was the 3rd and my kids and wife bought me a Garmin Forerunner 410. It ROCKS so much…much better than a phone app. I don’t know what they got it for, but I suspect being Mrs. Smiddy is frugal (more so than I) she got it pretty inexpensively. It is not the latest model by far, but it does so much and is easy to turn my wrist and SEE how I’m doing, instead of getting cues every 1/4 mile. If you get an opportunity to get one, do it…from what I’ve read, the phone apps all run longer, which means your pace is actually a little slower than you’d expect (not that yours is bad, yours actually rocks in comparison to my own).

    Oh, not that it is a big deal, last month you got me by tons of miles, this month, I’m leading you by a few. 🙂 BTW, thanks for sharing. I will be considering a blog shortly soI will be seeking your assistance in my “trade study” on which one suites my needs best.

    Again, as always, thanks for sharing! Just, RUN! 🙂

    • Hey Smiddy – Congrats on the Garmin, I really want something like that, I am probably looking at the Nike version, so we will see, but a little jealous.

      Haven’t found a job yet, but the job of finding a job has been very busy. 🙂

      Let me know when you start thinking about the blog stuff, more than willing to help you any way that I can !

      Once this soleus thing loosens up a bit more I plan to start running longer again. I have a feeling it was just the body’s way of telling me to rest for a little while and let all the gains settle in a little bit before going to the next plateau 🙂 (at least that is what I hope).

      My wife is getting worried that I am loosing too much weight, never thought I would hear that, but I have ribs again and my toes look pretty damn good for an old fart.

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