Good Negative Splits 5-14-12

It was really just one of those days yesterday and I forgot to write out my running log post – just pretty darn busy. 🙂

The Newton’s are feeling a LOT better since the great shoe surgery on Sunday, it is amazing what getting rid of a bit of plastic heal counter will do for your comfort level while running. Here are my splits from yesterday

Splits 5-14-12

I started out pretty slowly to warm up on the first mile and then kept speeding up each mile after that, needless to say I felt pretty good about the run, now if I could just average 7:40 pace for my training runs and sub-7:00 for races, I would be very happy. But I don’t think it will happen. I do notice when I run faster my body tends to break down a little quicker. So I will stay in my 8:00 to 10:00 training range which has kept me mostly healthy and running a lot more.

That is more important to me than just running fast any more.

RunLog 5-14-12

There now to get ready for my long run this morning. Hope it stays a nice gentle rain, I do like running in that. Going to run into Waterville for the first time :-).


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