New 13+ Route and Runner’s Problems 5-15-12

Today I decided to run to Waterville for my long run instead of Augusta and I actually like the course a lot better. It was relatively flat, just a few small bumps in the elevation and it was really a great day for a run!

I haven’t done this distance since 4/24 and it felt good to do a planned long run and finish it in under 2 hours. The time was actually a little less, but with the rain, I had to put my iPhone in a plastic bag and with all the messing around, it took about 30 seconds to get it stopped. I was able to keep a 9:00 minute pace for the 13+ miles and that was my big goal today.

During the run itself I felt really good the whole way, a few minor things that I will talk about in a minute, but nothing big and they are correctable.

Zensah Socks

For some reason my Zensah sock on my left foot was just not fitting right so I had to stop and fix that only took a minute and once I did fix it, they felt great. I know that I love using the compression socks on my long runs and thing that they make a difference. Yes writing the follow-up on the Zensah socks is on my TODO list and I should have it done sometime the next day or two.

Foggy Glasses

I did have to laugh though about 3.0 miles into the run, the rain stopped and it started to get muggy, so muggy that my glasses fogged up under my hat and I had to take them off to see to run. Not really a good thing because I am as blind as a bat without my glasses and I had to run this way for almost 2.0 miles before they cleared enough to see better with them than without them ;-).

Newton Gravity

The surgery on the Newton Gravity’s was a partial success (I wasn’t aggressive enough), the heal cup still digs into my right ankle a little when I am on a road that is crowned, so I have to pay attention to how I am running on those surfaces or when I make a sharp right turn. Otherwise they felt great and I love how they work for me. Just wish that they had a little less heal cup or a different material that gives a little more. The good news was that there was no blood on my sock when I got done – so progress is being made! But I might have to go back in and perform just a little more shoe surgery, another 1/4 inch of cutting on the heal cup should do it.

Belt Pouch Problems

However, the biggest problem that I had today was my waist pack, since I have lost so much weight ๐Ÿ™‚ (I finished the run at 151), it doesn’t fit anymore! It spins around my waist like a hula-hoop, which causes my elbow to hit the water bottle, which got me a little frustrated and caused me to lose focus on my pace/cadence and then I would have to re-establish it. ย Finally at about mile 11.0 I emptied it and then threw the bottle behind a guardrail (yes I went back and got it) and finished up the run. The waist pack was still spinning around, but at least I didn’t keep hitting my elbow. I know that this is just one of those first world problems that isn’t a big deal, but it was annoying while I was running.

There is a solution for this I went on and bought a new belt for running. I only use 1 water bottle, don’t like hand helds and I am not crazy about the hydration pack system for my shorter runs. If I was going to do a longer trail run, I would use it, but for the road runs, I prefer a belt system. So I went online and ordered the above waist belt. Yeah it says it is for a woman, but I really don’t care, it has the features that I want (isn’t pink), I am not going to ram my elbows into the water bottle and it is pretty light-weight.

That is one of the good things about long runs like this, you get a chance to find out what is working and what doesn’t for you. Overall, today’s long run was one of my better runs in a few weeks. Feels great to be back to running more consistently again!

RunLog 5-15-12


3 comments on “New 13+ Route and Runner’s Problems 5-15-12

  1. Dude, I wish I ran like you, even with the little annoyances. ๐Ÿ˜€ My Nathan water belt has been perfect BTW. I had to have it “fitted” though at the store. I recall last August a month before the USAF Marathon that I was having to “tighten” it up more than usual, because I was down to 202 lbs (lightest I’d been in forever). I am currently 208, and expect to drop to the 190’s sometime by August if all the training goes as planned, then a solid 190 by MCM. I expect if that is the case I may have to re-invest in new gear too. A thought occurred to me as I read you post though, perhaps you can preposition water (and vittles) on your route(s). I’ve considered this, but I run in a far busier community that your community there. Is that worth the time? Then you’d be running similar to (longer) race conditions, albeit without all the shoulder bumping and ankle clacking. ๐Ÿ™‚ There is no doubt though that if you mind if taken out of the game, for any reason, it impacts your run. You must be mentally comfortable in order to focus. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • ๐Ÿ™‚ thanks we are just built differently, I have a feeling you put some serious hurting on me in a wrestling match ;-). I looked at this Nathan at the store last week and it met all of my requirements, I didn’t mind the waist belt in the past, but when it just keeps going around you like a hula hoop, gets annoying. I had thought about prestaging water bottles, but that means two trips over the course, with gas so expensive, it is just cheaper to do this :).

      I agree on the comfort & focus, if you are not you will slow down and it takes a little while to recover you focus/pace.

      It sounds as though you are going to be in great shape for MCM, I can’t wait to hear the details as you get closer.

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