Running Back Bay in Portland 5-17/12

Looking across Back Bay

Today is the first anniversary of my knee surgery and the subsequent journey back to good health. I have gone from someone who was told that he would never run again to running 13.3 miles in under 2:00:00 hours on Monday!  Read more of the story here at my Professional Crossroads blog post What a Difference a Year Makes.

So how did I celebrate?

I went to a Newton Shoe seminar and mini-running clinic, that will be a separate post for tomorrow.

It was a gorgeous day, just a bit of a breeze, so before the clinic I ran 2 laps around Back Bay and felt great the whole way (well mostly great). Actually my time was a new PR for 2 laps around Back Bay (an all-time PR – not just a this year PR).

I just like this loop, the ocean smells and how it brings back memories of different times.

Looking up the Back Bay path

Looking Down towards the 295 Bridge

Fortunately, my Newton’s only bit back at my ankle a couple of times, but it was enough to let me know things are still not quite right.  I have to give the right shoe a new name “Ankle Biter” and the ankle doesn’t look so good, not really healing – just about the time it starts to heal, the shoe bites and it has to start over again. So I have to figure out what comes next with them:

1. Stop wearing them until the ankle is completely healed and hope that they don’t re-injure the ankle.
2. More shoe surgery :(.
3. Replacement.

I talked with Mike the Newton Rep at the clinic and he stated that he had never heard of anyone having this problem before and couldn’t figure out why it was happening.

Sometime a shoe just isn’t going to work for you no matter what you do and it is better to cut your losses and move on. I haven’t quite reached that point, but I am getting closer. I really like everything else about the Newton’s and wish that they didn’t bother my ankle so much.

Getting back to Back Bay – it is one of my favorite all-time runs, mostly flat, you can go fast if you want and where it is mostly flat, you don’t have to worry about too many hills.

Good Run and it made me very happy about how far I have come over the last year since my knee surgery.

RunLog 5-17-12


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