Zensah Compression Socks – Follow-up Review

Zensah Compression Socks

Back in mid-April I did my first impressions post on the Zensah Compression socks that I received from Zensah to review (disclosure: as a free media sample) and promised a follow-up review. Unfortunately life got in the way and delayed that review a couple of weeks longer than I expected, but here is the review.

To be honest after my first long run in them, I wasn’t sure if I liked compression socks or not – it definitely was not a problem with the product, the Zensah Compression socks are a high quality and well-made product.

No I just wasn’t used to the tightness around my feet and toes at first, I prefer to have some room in the toe section of my socks to feel unconstricted. When a product says compression it means that it will be tight and the Zensahs were definitely tight and my feet felt constricted in them.

However, as I have run in the socks more and more, I have noticed that during the run, my calves don’t hurt nearly as much on my longer runs and after the run is over, my feet do not ache. I also do not have as much Delayed Onset Soreness (DOS), you know that next day or day-after soreness you get after a hard workout or long run.

After my long run this week I kept the Zensahs on longer than usual. I finished the 13+ mile run around noon and we had a bunch of errands to take care of, along with a bunch of other stuff, so I had them on walking around until after 5:00 without any problems – that is the longest that I have worn them and they didn’t bother at all. Actually my lower legs felt better than they usually do after a long run, even though I was on my feet a lot that afternoon.

So as I have used the Zensahs more, I have grown to appreciate how they make my feet and lower legs feel after a long run and I do believe that they help me keep up a better pace, than I do when not wearing them on my longer runs .

I still am not a white sock person, they just show too much of the dirt, blood and are tough to keep looking white. If I was going to buy a pair,  I would go with the black ones, which don’t show the stains nearly as much and if you are a runner, who goes on trails every so often,  you will stain a pair of white socks pretty quickly. They still might work great, but they will not look as white ;-).

Another thing to consider is that the socks cost $49.99, this is a lot of money for a pair of socks. Zensah socks are a quality product, will last a long time from what I have seen so far.  Yes you get what you pay for, but that initial cost factor is tough to swallow

One word of warning – if you wear the compression socks is that people will look at you kind of weird and you do look a little “nerdy”, but with the advantages that I am finding by wearing them during my runs, I don’t mind looking nerdy at all. TheWife would say looking “more” nerdy in my case :-).


7 comments on “Zensah Compression Socks – Follow-up Review

  1. Nice review. I like compression socks for after running, and haven’t tried actually running in them. These sound like they are great for that so I would like to try them. Thanks for sharing your opinion.

  2. Great review! I recently reviewed a pair of Zensah compression sleeves (not the full sock) and loved them but still haven’t gone out quite long enough to get their full use. It’s great that you came back and reviewed them later – love that idea! It does seem like they’d get better with time and the results would be best if worn for a few hours afterward…and I think they seem kind of hardcore – just maybe not the white ones, I agree. 😉 Good review and glad to check out your site (from the FitFluential fam)!

    • Thanks – I find that doing an initial review and then another a few weeks later can give me a completely different view of a product. I don’t know about the hardcore part, I think that many runners can benefit from compression technology in their running. Thanks again for commenting.

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