Great 10.0 Miler 5-19-12

Wow – I can’t believe that I almost forgot to post about my run this morning! It has been so busy going here and there and then working on getting the garden 75% planted. Just a busy damn day :-), but you know something I love it.

Getting back to my morning run. My legs were a bit tired yesterday, so I took the day off and decided to go a little longer this morning. I went for an easy 10 miler – who ever thought that I would be saying 10 miles and easy in the same sentence. Not me that is for sure, but I just did and you know something the run felt great.

The weather was pretty great too, mid 60’s a little breeze and sunny. Probably a little too warm, but it still felt good to run in the warmth.

Here are my splits and the elevation chart for this run

Elevation chart 5-19-12

By the way did I tell you I lived on a hill ;-).

Split chart 5-19-12

I am very happy with this run, the last 3.5 miles are not as tough as they look on the elevation chart, but there are sill some uphill segments that get your heart thumping when going up them. The best part of the run was that I ran it almost 9:00 minutes faster than I did the last time I ran this loop back in March, and it didn’t feel nearly as hard as it did that time (it helps to not have snow on the side of the roads and being in shorts/tshirt :-).

The Newtons did really well, except a couple of times when I stepped off the road to avoid traffic and then misjudged the edge of the road – let’s just say they got my right ankle’s attention, but otherwise did great and no blood. I have either got to go back in and do surgery or something, still haven’t figured out what I want to do next.

RunLog 5-19-12





2 comments on “Great 10.0 Miler 5-19-12

  1. Excellent work man! The felling you get there is the I love the most, feeling easy and knowing if you wanted to, you could push it further, and when you’re done, you have fuel in the tanks! Those are some of the best runs! 🙂

    • Thanks – Those are the best runs, how did your week of running go – great I hope. Just have to decide if I want to do 3.5 or 5.0 today, will see how I feel later 🙂

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