Adding New Running Shoes to the Mix

Yesterday when I got back from my run, I started to surgically fix my Newton Gravity’s again, they were still bothering my right ankle and I needed to  get rid of another quarter-inch of the heal cup to make it so that I would not accidentally grind them into that tender ankle of mine.

It might not look like much, but after 4 weeks, it is getting old!

TheWife just looked at what I was doing and told me “Instead of frig farting around with those shoes, why don’t you just go take some money out of savings and buy a new pair of shoes. Now I like the Newton’s A LOT, except for the ankle thing, but I was getting tired of having an ankle that was constantly sore, so I agreed with her – never say no when TheWife tells you to go buy another pair of running shoes ;-).

This morning, I went to Lamey-Wellehan in Augusta and they had the Brooks Pure Flow on sale for $79.99, but unfortunately, none in my size and none of the other shoes were ones that I really wanted to try, so I struck out there.

Dick’s Sporting Goods

Then I went to Dick’s Sporting Goods, the closest thing we have to a specialty running shoe store in the area and tried on the Nike Free 3 version 4 and it just didn’t fit right.

So I moved onto the Reebok Real Flex, which fit amazingly well, but when I walked in them they made a little slapping noise (the heel to toe transition wasn’t smooth) and when I ran in them, I tended to land heel first, it wasn’t bad, but not quite right. I looked at some other shoes, but nothing was quite what I was looking for.

Finally, I tried on the Nike 4.0 v2 which is their new 6MM drop shoes and when I put them on, they just felt “right”, but when I ran a little in them, the crease in the toe box felt a little funny, but wasn’t anything serious. It was more of a bending of the fabric than a problem.


It came down to the Reebok’s Real Flex or the Nike 4.0 v2. I tried one each foot and then alternated the shoes, in each case the difference was the Nike’s were quieter when I ran – no slapping sound of the forefoot, but the Reebok’s were more comfortable. If I could only put the two together and make one shoe. Finally, it came down to how they felt while running and I chose the Nike Free ride by the narrowest of margins.

Trying on Shoes at Dick’s

I really think that if the Reebok Real Flex was a lower drop shoe that the heel-to-toe transition would be smoother and I would have had an even tougher choice to make.

and the Winner is!

However, I think that I made the correct decision and am looking forward to running in the Nike’s.  Now my three running shoe rotation will look like Newton Gravity (in the closet until the heal is heeled, then use to alternate with Nike’s), Nike 4.0  and New Balance MT110 for trails.

Nike Free 4.0 v2 Free Rides – The Choice has been made


3 comments on “Adding New Running Shoes to the Mix

    • Hi Heather – I am stubborn sometimes and I really like the Newtons except for the ankle issue, but now that I have run in the Nike 4.0, we will see. It felt good to focus on the run instead of avoiding spots where the shoe might bit my ankle. They sure were comfy today 🙂

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