First Run in Nike 4.0 Free Rides

Nike Free 4.0 – Free Rides

Well I got home with the new Nike Free Rides and decided to immediately go for a run. It was later in the day and the temps were in the mid 70’s already, so it was going to be a warm one. I did look the Free Rides over very closely before starting the run and they looked well made – no obvious flaws in workmanship or defects in the material.

I decided that I might as well put the Nike’s through the course that bothers me the most in my Newton’s and see how they do.

I went down back to the Town Office and then added a lap on Philbrick/Howard which in the past has come out to 4.6 miles. Of course today, I screwed up the Nike+ App on my iPhone and didn’t notice until I was past the 1.5 mile mark. So the distance on Nike+ was pretty much off.

How did the shoes feel?


I didn’t try to run real fast, but I felt nimble on my feet, yet I felt like I was running in comfortable slippers the whole time. My ankle didn’t squawk at all, but there is no heel cup on the Free Rides to bother it. It felt amazing to go an entire run without any jabs to the ankle.

The shoes were comfortable, no hot spots and I was able to just run comfortably in them, actually I just ran after a while and didn’t think about the shoes, which is about as high a compliment as I can make.

When I got back to the last mile, which is on tar, I really picked up the pace a lot! I also felt very comfortable doing it, the best thing was that there was no slapping of the forefoot, no thunking, it was quiet running. I was doing exactly what I have tried to do for a while now and it felt natural, not forced.

When I got done and TheWife asked “How were the shoes?”  I responded with a smile and told her that they were the best first run that I have had in any running shoes in a long @$$ time.

I liked them enough that I am going to use them for my long run tomorrow to see how they do. Hopefully, they do great and I am still as impressed as I was this afternoon.

Rocks stuck in the soles

The only negative is that little rocks do get stuck in the cracks in the sole, it isn’t really a big deal to me, I just take them out after a run and I don’t think that they will be that big a deal when running mainly on tar, but that is a minor thing that I didn’t even notice during the run.

Overall, this is the first time that I have been really excited about a new pair of running in a long time. I didn’t have to break in my body to the shoes , didn’t have a toe scrunched or have the shoes nip at my ankle and was able to just run!



5 comments on “First Run in Nike 4.0 Free Rides

  1. Glad you like them. They were my first shoe when I started running again last year. I found them to be very comfortable. Eventually, the rocks in the soles really drove me nuts and forced me to move on to a different shoe. I love your header!

    • The rocks haven’t bothered me overly much, I got them with the Kinvara 2 and other shoes that I have had, just have to remember to clean them out :-). Thanks for the feedback on the header – trying.

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