Short and Easy Run Today 5-23-12

Today was a scheduled short recovery run, so I did an easy 3.1 and just enjoyed the run, while focusing on my form.

Also I wanted to see how my new Nike Free’s dried out after yesterday’s soaking. I took out the insoles and stuffed newspaper into them yesterday afternoon and then this morning put them out on the steps to dry in the sun for a couple of hours. When I went for my run just after 11:00, they were completely dry and fit the same as they did before the soaking!

The run itself was a good one, I like the way they are so quiet when I land. It just feels really great the way they are working for me :-).

For some reason the iPhone Nike+ App messed up and didn’t get a good GPS signal, then just shut-off on me about half-way through the run, no biggie because I generally have both my watch and the iPhone App going – just in case. I have a feeling my old iPhone is dying and it doesn’t like not have data service sometimes.

I am really going to have to break down and get a GPS watch sometime soon, it seems that I am going back to Nike for the most part, so I will have to take close look at their model.

Overall, very good run and still loving the new shoes!


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