Almost Got 10.0 Today 5-24-12

Todays run 5-24-12

Today was almost a perfect day for running 65, overcast, but just a little too humid, but I will take it :-). I had planned to do 5 or 6 today then before the run I felt pretty great, so I decided to do 7-8, well while I was out there, I decided to do the 10 mile course.

I felt really great the entire way even though the last 3.0 were a little slower. The hill on Bartlett was a little tough, but not nearly as bad it used to be.

The Nike Free’s were just comfortable the entire way for me. 4 runs over 30 miles and no issues with my shoes – this is what I have looked for a long time. I just have to be care to not over do it and get myself injured, so tomorrow is a short run – only 3-4 miles.

I continued to work on my form and keep my stride short with a higher cadence, which really seems to be making a difference, in how my legs feel after a run.

Also the Town finally has repaired the road down back yesterday and it is a lot easier to run down there now. Just have to avoid the loose rocks, it will be a lot better in a couple of weeks after things get driven on for a while. Don’t have to worry so much about rolling/twisting an ankle now.

The reason that this was 9.9 instead of 10.0 miles was I stopped at the wrong mailbox and didn’t realize it until after I got to the next and it is a 1/10 of a mile difference – oh well it happens.

RunLog 5-24-12


2 comments on “Almost Got 10.0 Today 5-24-12

    • Erik – No I was on the phone with NikePlus support, I was having some issues with the GPS App for my iPhone and we got it resolved, but I had to go for a quick walk around the yard to test it out :-). But I agree we do odd things as runners 😉 I think it is part of being a runnah.

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