Sub 01:50:00 1/2 Marathon Training Run!


That is how I will start this blog post.

I made one of my goals for this year and did it in a training run – I wanted to break 01:50:00 for a 1/2 Marathon and did it this morning by running a 01:48:59. I know that this is not official, but it is close enough for me.

Here are the splits for the run:

Splits 5-30-12

My second mile was my fastest at 7:40 pace, but I also had another sub 8:00 between miles 9-10 at 7:57, which was really surprising to me, usually at that point I am dragging butt, however, I felt really good the whole run. The only problem was between miles 2  & 3, when my left quad started to cramp up (not used to running that fast) and I had to slow down to try to work it out. I thought for a little while that I was going to have to cut the run short, but it worked itself out.

The weather was great to start out low 50’s, overcast and a 5-10 mph wind in face for the first 6 miles, the sun started to come out about mile 7 and then was in its glory for the last 4.0 miles. I definitely had a great sweat going.

Except for the 8:53 mile, the rest were all sub 8:30 pace!!!!

All I can say is GREAT run 🙂 and yes the Nike Free 4.0 are making a difference.

RunLog 5-30-12

I never thought that I would be running this fast again or this far, so it is very satisfying and no I am not bragging about how fast I am. This is to show how far someone can come in a year if they put their mind to it and are willing to do the work.


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