Instead of Running on a Rainy Day

On Tuesday I took the day off from running, even though I was scheduled to do my long run!

It seems that I have a big aversion to blinding flashes of white light and enjoy hearing then big booms after the white light fads, instead of “going towards the light”. We experienced some pretty long thunder showers during most of the day – even when they were not in the general vicinity, I could hear them in the distance, which wasn’t real reassuring when thinking about going for a run.

Call me a wimp or whatever you like, but I don’t like running when I hear thunder around me and like it even less when I see lightning. Besides I had just run a 50 mile week and my legs were pretty tired and needed the day off, instead of another run (It worked because when I ran my long run yesterday, it was an amazing run – which I wrote about here).

So what did I do on a rainy day

Wrote a blog post (of course)

The neighbors graciously offered to give about 20 pounds of rhubarb on Sunday. Which we used to make a non-alcoholic rhubarb cordial and rhubarb chutney on Monday & Tuesday. We drink these non-alcoholic fruit cordials in place of soda – we know exactly what is in them, which is a good thing in my mind.

Rhubarb ready for processing

This was the first of 4 batches of rhubarb processing.

End Result 16 pints of Cordial and 4 Jars of Chutney

Then TheWife made:  home-made pumpkin muffins (the only thing I help with those is eat them), sausage pasta sauce for spaghetti for supper and French loaf bread in the breadmaker.

Making bread in the breadmaker

Everything done

Now you see why I HAVE to run so much!!! 🙂

TheWife is a GREAT cook and makes at home 80% of what we eat. Yes I admit it – I am spoiled.

By the way this is part of the reason, for not running Tuesday, this was after 4:00 P.M. the next day and the garden was still partially underwater.

This is what happens when we have a heavy rain and thundershower day.

It becomes an inside work day.

Unfortunately or fortunately,we have another 50 pounds or so of rhubarb that I will be getting Friday or Saturday, so we get to do it all over again, during the next rainy day.

Yes there is a lot of work to putting up the results of your gardening and gleaning of produce from those who do not use it, but it is well worth the effort, when you sit down and have it later.

Also it is a helluva lot more healthy for you – at least that is my opinion.


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