Recovery Run and A Neat Trip 5-31-12

Today I wanted to run around a 9:30 pace for the 5.0 miles, got done with a 9:30, so my sense of pacing is starting to get better :-).

As I was running along a fairly level stretch of the dirt road down back, it just jumped right up and tripped me? As I was running along, thinking about something or other, suddenly I found myself automatically going into a tuck and role and then back on my feet again. It was one of those classic fall routines. When I went back to look and see what tripped me it was a flat piece of wood sticking ever-so slightly out of the ground!

I did the quick check hands had some dirt punctures, brushed some dirt off my shoulders, checked the iPhone (still working, not broken), everything seemed to be like it was supposed to be, except my heart was pounding from the little adrenaline boost. I still haven’t figured out how I got tripped by the piece of wood, but I went down so quickly, that I didn’t even know it until I was getting back on my feet :-).

All I did was dust myself off and continued the run – a little more aware of what was in front of my feet.

Other than that it was a pretty uneventful run and I just worked on my form to make sure that I was getting a little more air between my feet and the ground.

Just gotta hate it when the road jumps up and trips you like that for no reason. 😉

RunLog 5-31-12


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