June was a GREAT Month for Running


Running In May

I am making fantastic progress on my 2012 running goals 🙂


  • Miles Run: 196.6
  • Days Run: 27
  • Days Off: 3
  • Longest Run: 13.3 6/18/12
  • Fastest Run: 8:15  6/18/12 Home to Waterville Concourse Course
  • Best Week:  50.17 week ending 6/30/12 (one more day left in the week 7/1)

Most notable run 6/1812 finished 13.30 in 01:49:44 an 8:15 pace for the half marathon in a training run.

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Setting the Record Straight

Adidas ThrasherThe other day I was talking with someone and I said I was looking at getting a different pair of Trail Shoes, because my current ones left the soles of my feet pretty damn sore after my two runs at Bond Brook on Thursday.

They said “Well you are just going to get some from Nike".

I told him that Nike didn’t have what I was looking for in a trail shoe and I was actually looking at a pair of trail shoes from Adidas. The person just went “huh – I thought with the way you were writing on your blog lately, it seemed that you had something going with Nike, beyond just being a Nike fanboy”.

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Pond Road 10 Miler 6-30-12

P6300015Before I went for my run this morning I looked at the thermometer outside the dining room (on the shady side of the house) and it was already 85 degrees out with bright sunshine.

Usually on Saturdays, I try to do the River Road Loop, but there is no shade along that route and I knew that I would cook if I went that way.

So I did the Pond Road Loop, it is a little flatter, but a bit more traffic, so I wore my bright yellow shirt and flo green/yellow hat today,so the cars would see me. It was a great choice, the heat was at the baking levels in the open, but much more bearable in the shady sections. I chose the right course today.

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Middle Road HOT 5.0 Miler 6-29-12

Friday’s are a busy day around the Shaw household and that usually means that I get to run later in the afternoon than usual. That is what happened today, I didn’t get to run until almost 3:30 P.M. and it was still in the mid 80’s. One saving grace was a breeze, that felt so good!

A quick video of how I felt after my 5.0 mile run.

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Bond Brook 5K Trail Race Course Orientation

P6280004-001This was a two run day, which wasn’t all that bad, but I learned something very important tonight.

After finishing tonight, my feet felt as though someone had beat them with a ballpeen hammer. I haven’t experienced that feeling with these shoes before, but even with a few hours in between the runs, my feet are pretty darn sore. There are a lot of rocks, roots and little stumps that I just seemed to find, step on wrong and there was just a little too much ground feel for me. Continue reading

Updating the Theme

What’s going on?

Under Construction 6-27-12

I have been trying different themes as I approach my 6 month anniversary of blogging on WordPress.com as my blog host. To attempt to give A Veteran Runnah a slightly different look.

The old theme was boxy and a little boring to me. Each of the others that I have tried so far were, well not quite what I am looking for and this current one while it is close – I am still not sure that it is just what I want.

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Easy 9.0 Today–Form Work 6-27-12

I purposely am trying to keep all but 2 runs a week in the 9:00 to 10:00 minute pace per mile range for a while and really start to focus on my form again. 

Over the past couple of weeks I found that I was trying to run too fast, too often and that my form was reverting back to a more heel strike, over striding style of running . Especially since I started to add track workouts back into the mix.

Nike Stats 6-27-12

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Nice Run in the Rain 6/26/12

IMG_0453Today was a scheduled recovery day after yesterday’s long run, so I planned on doing an easy 3-4 miles at around a 10:00 minute pace. The weather cooperated and the downpour slowed up to a nice steady rain, which I actually love to run in this time of year.

The rain makes the humidity just about right and cools me off, my feet don’t get too wet and there is just something peaceful and magical about running in the rain. Also I ran most of the run “down back” so it was on dirt (partially mud) roads and was very forgiving to land on.

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13.1 Mile Run to Waterville–6/25/12

I got my run in – in between the rain storms that were coming through Central Maine today. I was a bit disappointed in the time that I ended up with, but with the humidity and some other distractions – I will take it.

Nike Stats 6-25-12

I have no idea what that dip in the middle of my run means, but on this stretch I was going downhill and felt pretty strong, so the pace is way out of wack. As you can see on both sides of the dip I was maintaining a consistent pace. This is a fairly open area,so I shouldn’t have lost the GPS signal or anything, just one of those great things from an iPhone App. Someday I might have to invest in a GPS watch, but that is sometime in the future.

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