Needed This 5.0 Miler 6-1-12

This was one of those days – We are expecting a fairly substantial amount of rain over the next 3-5 days, so we had to do a lot of the outside work today. Things like mowing the lawn, going north to get more 30-40 pounds of rhubarb, see how Dad was doing, stop at Paris Farms for fence posts (also stop at my favorite Tastee Freeze – Sawyer’s up in Newport – just has a lot of great memories for me).

Also I stopped and saw some people I used to work with at Good Will-Hinckley and it was great talking about the old-times and where things are headed. Felt good that they couldn’t believe how much different I look now compared to then. Found out some bad news about a former student and that hurt more than a little. Overall, the visits were positive and it felt good to re-connect with some of the people that I really missed.

All this meant that I didn’t get to run this morning and when I didn’t get home until after 5:00, I figured that I wouldn’t have time to get one in. However, TheWife is great and she knew that after the hectic day, I needed the run. So I did an easy 5.0, with each mile slower than the one before it šŸ™‚ reverse tempo run.

Splits for 6-1-12

I purposely slowed down after mile 2.0, I wanted to save my legs for a longer run in the morning – hopefully before the rain gets here too bad. May try for the first 15.0 of the year, but will probably settle for a 10 miler, but depends on how I feel and how my legs feel at the turn.

Did I mention how great and supportive of my running that TheWife is, she knows how important it is for me to just run :-).


2 comments on “Needed This 5.0 Miler 6-1-12

  1. You are an amazingly persistant runner…and it sounds like you have an amazinly supportive wife. It is always refreshing to hear reports like that with so many not so good statistices thrown at us constantly. Congrats on both points!

    I kind of like runnning in the rain…

    • Doug – My days of sub 6:00 pace are well behind me, I run now because I enjoy running, not because I am very competitive, my pace is going to be between 8:30 and 10:30, with a couple of races down in the mid 7:00. Thank you for the compliment of calling me persistent šŸ™‚ and TheWife is a former runner who is so supportive of my running. I love running in a light to medium rain, but when it gets to heavy or deluge stage, the joy isn’t there šŸ™‚

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