Just Did It 10.0 – 6-2-12

I got my run in before the rains started this morning. It actually was a pretty great day for a run, not too hot – about 55 degrees, a slight wind from the SE and overcast. I felt tired and this was a just do it run and while I enjoyed the run, I was definitely glad when it was over.

I swear something went really wonky with the Nike Plus GPS App on my iPhone between miles 2 and 3.

I went from an 8:53 pace to 11:01, then back to an 8:50 pace? Something very strange, especially when a good part of that section was downhill or flat, and I didn’t feel like I slowed down too much. Oh well the vagaries of GPS, it is just perplexing, especially when I know that I was going at a slower pace than any other time during the run those last 2 miles.

Just gotta :-).

Overall, I got my miles in and was happy when it was over and the downpour didn’t happen as predicted last night. I don’t mind light rain, but running in a deluge, doesn’t interest me very much. I do it when I get caught in it, but don’t make a habit of running when it is pouring unless I feel the need too.


3 comments on “Just Did It 10.0 – 6-2-12

  1. I had a weird run this morning, 17-ish, but the later ones I was forced to walk. Seems yard waork plus long runs means walking. 🙂 I totally understand…

    BTW, phone apps tend to be about a quarter mile off from Garmin. It was been explained to me that they phones don’t always use GPS but the cell tower information, and sometimes they are “way” off. Just a thought.

    • Aaron – you are running a lot further than I am! It is putting in the distance and there is nothing wrong with walking, esp after doing yardwork :-). I know I gotta get me a Nike+ GPS sooner or later, just isn’t in the budget right now :(.

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