Another 13.1 Miles in the Log 6-5-12

It has been a dismal, rainy and miserable weather for the past few days, flooding has been a problem locally and it is still raining off and on, even though I thought I saw the sun shine for a few minutes this afternoon, but then again it might have been my imagination ;-).

It seems that more and more Tuesdays are becoming my long-run day and that is okay, I have just learned that you have to be flexible, but more importantly that you just have to do it. Strangely enough for someone that really never liked long runs, I am starting to look forward to these double-digit runs more than the shorter one – must be getting a bit daft in my old age.

Today run summary is below:

Time and Distance Chart 6-5-12

Split Chart 6-5-12

When I first started, I wasn’t really sure how fast I wanted to go today, so I went out a little slower. If the first mile had been faster, I would have PR’d the course today, but I am still happy with the way I picked up the pace and stayed pretty steady over the entire 13 mile course. This is my second time for breaking 01:50.00 for this distance, which means that I know I can do it now. Gaining some confidence.

It was in the low 50’s with light rain the entire run and I got very chilled and it took a while after to get warmed up – after finishing. Overall, I was very happy with how I ran today and am looking forward to 6/24 to see how I do in a half-marathon race situation.

The Nike Free 4.0 are still doing fantastic and my legs don’t feel like crap during or after the runs. I have 100 miles on them and I have had them just over 2 weeks. The best part is they are showing virtually no wear and still are very comfortable. If this keeps up, there might be another pair in my future :-).

RunLog 6-5-12


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