A Need for Speedwork – RunLog 6-7-12

I started out thinking that I would be do my hilly 5.0 mile course, then at the last-minute, I changed my mind to do my flatter 5K. I was feeling pretty beat and my legs just didn’t have a lot of get up and go in them. On my first lap, I met a neighbor walking his dog and I didn’t want to bother them, because he has a really bad knee and it hurts him when the dog pulls when someone goes by. So I decided to just turn around early and thought about it for a minute.

I haven’t done speed or hill work in forever, so I figured that I would do speed work on hills.

Hill Workout 6-7-12

Boy did that brought me back to freaking reality and humbled me. Running fast (for me 7:00-7:30 pace) is a LOT different from running along at a 8:30 plus pace.

I did 6 repeats up this hill at 80-90% effort – this is my 5 telephone pole hill repeat. A longer but not too steep hill.

5 Telephone Pole Repeat Hill

I did 6 repeats up this hill at 85-90% effort – this is my 2 telephone pole hill repeat. A short but steeper hill.

2 Telephone Pole Repeat Hill

Finally I did 3  repeats on a flat section of road from culvert to our mailbox at about 90% effort – about 2.5 telephone poles distance, I was under 35 seconds for each one, but last one legs couldn’t keep good form, so was time to stop :-).

Culvert to Mailbox Repeat

After each repeat, I walked for a short time then jogged to the start of the next repeat.

These repeats did show me how much I REALLY need to incorporate a lot more speed work into my weekly routine. In other words I really sucked tonight! But I did more than I thought I would :-).

I have the natural speed (even though I have lost a lot to age), but if I train slow, I will run slow.  Which is okay, but I am sick and love to run fast 😉 – at least I admit it.

I have a feeling that Thursdays are going to be my new speedwork days! Now to just do it.

Surprisingly after I did the repeats I felt a lot better, maybe I just have a need for speed ;-).

RunLog 6-7-12


2 comments on “A Need for Speedwork – RunLog 6-7-12

  1. Good job, Harold! Hills are the best kind of speed work, I think. Next week add one more…it will get a bit easier each week and before you know it, you’ll be even more of a rock star than you already are!

    • Speedwork is relative, but I enjoy trying to go fast for me and I imagine that I will start making my pilgrimage to the track to run around in circles next week.

      A rockstar – nah I don’t have enough hair and I am way too boring but thanks ;-).

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