The New Nike+ Website is Up

I am an unapologetic fan of Nike.

Over the many years I have used their products, I have had very good success with their running shoes, running clothes and other products. I go and try the other brands that are out there, but it seems that for whatever reason I end up back using Nike products. They just work for me.

This is one of those “other products.


The updated/new Nike Plus Website is now live!

This is a good thing and personally, I love its new looks.

Nike + Entry Screen

Nike Plus Screen 2

Nike Plus Dashboard

Nike Plus Splits

Pace-Elevation Chart 6-7-12

I have reached my 5 image limit (self-imposed).

I really like the way that the Nike+ site looks, it way better than the old one in my opinion. The site loads a LOT faster for me than the old one did and just looks a lot cleaner and more modern.

You have to use it, to really see the differences and I plan to use daily as my one of my online running logs.


You can not manually load any data into the site, it has to either come from the Nike+ GPS App or one of their other Nike+devices. So when (not if) you forget, loose, break or screw-up – your data will not get to the site.

Nike Plus Twitter Answer

I can understand a couple of reasons for this: no padding data by those who think they have to “shine” and you are more likely to quickly go buy another Nike device if you don’t have yours when you have invested a lot of time/data into their site.

Nike+ will be a site I use to dump data into when I use the Nike+ App and then use the information that is created by the Nike+ website for my spreadsheet and RunLog blog entries. Someday I would like to get the Nike GPS watch, but that will be in the future, not any time soon.

Nike’s decision to not support manual entry of data also purposely limits who can and will use the site. This is Nike’s choice to design their site in this manner, they provide the service for free as a way to increase customer loyalty and make it easy for those who use the site to purchase their products. I just have to wonder though if they are loosing potential customers by doing it this way? I am sure that they performed a big internal study on the demographics of users and projected use and buying patterns of their different levels of customers and this design was potentially the best ROI.

The other thing is Nike+ does not sync to other social running sites (i.e. Daily Mile) from what I could figure out-but do sync to Facebook and Twitter (but not Google+). I can understand the lack of syncing to competing websites – after all they are drawing from the same traffic pool. However, it seems that we are going back to the Internet where you have to go play in separate sandboxes, instead of playing nicely together in one big sandbox.

The reality is that

For me this means that I can not rely on the Nike+ site to be my sole or even primary running log – it will be too inaccurate and a running log is about having your numbers accurate (at least for me it is a very important consideration). I have had too many issues with the iPhone App, my screwing-up and so-on, which result in the Nike+ App not reporting data correctly to the website. Which means that I will keep using my Google spreadsheet as my primary running log.

I am sure that there are other improvements planned for the Nike+ site and can’t wait to see what they will be.


The Nike+ site is nice, well-done and user-friendly. While it is still a bit buggy in some places, be patient, it has come a long way from the beta version that I used just a little while ago and I expect it will be stable and even easier to use very quickly.


20 comments on “The New Nike+ Website is Up

  1. It looks pretty kewl though. I wonder if you get the new Nike GPS watch if it would be better?! I considered it and never got the choice since momma (equivalent to “The Wife”) and the kids decided to get me a Garmin. Garmin is way accurate, much more so than the GPS app I used on the phone (RunKeeper).. I saw your speedwork…you are doing so awesome man! Keep it going man! 🙂

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  4. Unfortunately I have to join the chorus of users who has over the past YEARS complained about the functionality of the Nike+ webpages. Despite all the bad reviews on the use of the Nike+ my wife wanted a Nike GPS running watch. I have downloaded and installed all two the suggested software, but has not been able to get into the Nike+ pages for two (2) days. It just gives a spinning wheel (Mac OS 10.7.4) and Safari. If you can’t register the user can’t upload the data. I’m really disappointed with this product and hate to say that it seems that we have to try to get her something like an iPhone and an app for that which has worked for me in the past two years (like Runkeeper). By the way, Runkeeper seems to work all the time, data are uploaded to it when you’re finished or want the device to do so. The Runkeeper webpages also allows one to edit data and manually register data (tracks/runs etc.) if needed. I’m not involved with Runkeeper in any other way than being a happy customer and user of the product. I think the disspontment with Nike+ becomes greater shine the customer expectations are high for Nike products generally speaking to the gap between the promise and delivery becomes even bigger. Furthermore, from reading on the internet it seems that Nike has over the past 12-18 months several times announced that they would improve things, but when I writes this their site announces a big update upcoming on the 15th June, but today is the 20th June. There does not seem to be a lot of update going on here. Sorry, but I hate to waste $200 out of the window.

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