No Rail Trail Half Marathon This Year

Yesterday I found out that I will not be running the Rail Trail Half-Marathon like I planned this year. No nothing is wrong or anything like that, in fact my running is going great and I have run at least a 1/2 marathon for 9 out of the last 11 weeks.

The decision to not run the Rail Trail Half was an easy decision.

Let’s back-up a little.

For some reason or other, I just hadn’t gotten around to sending in my application for the Rail Trail Half Marathon (it was almost like I knew something was going to come up) and TheWife came home all excited the other day, about wanting to go to an event on the morning of the 24th with one of her friends. She was as excited as I have ever seen her about something like this. Usually she is such a homebody and doesn’t like to go much of anywhere.

We talked about it for a while and since I had procrastinated telling her about the Rail Trail race and hadn’t sent in the application, it was only the right thing to do to tell her I would do the Rail Trail next year and for her to have fun at her event.

Also there are so many races that I can always find another 1/2 marathon to run in, her event is a one-time thing and something she really wants to go to.

This is part of being married, you have to be willing to put the other person first at times and compromise what you want to do, to support each other. It isn’t always about me, me, me and if it is, that relationship is not a strong or good one.

No I am not writing this to say how wonderful a husband I am, because I am pretty lucky to have TheWife beside me and enjoy seeing her be excited like she was that day.

This is to let those others on Twitter, Facebook, etc., that I told I would be seeing them at the race on the 24th, that I won’t be there and explaining the reason for it.

I think it is a pretty great reason, because she supports my running so much as it is – it makes me feel good to be able to support her in something she enjoys and really wants to do.

Next year will be fine for the Rail Trail Half and now I think I will look around to see what half’s or dare I say it which full marathons are coming up over the next few months and try to find a fairly flat one.

Question for you – Have you ever had a race you had trained for and planned on running and then a few weeks before the race, decided not run it, due to something other than injury? What were your reasons?


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