Change Means – No Change

My rescued salamander

Over the past couple of weeks I have thought about what comes next, as far as my online footprint and social media presence.

In today’s competitive world of job searching, I know that I need a digital foot that is positive and helps me in my job search effort, while at the same time remaining who I am, not some fluffed-up character designed to impress a potential employer.

As a result of a lot of this soul-searching, I decided to do away with my Professional Crossroads blog yesterday and use the site as a webpage/online hub that has links to my social media sites or other places someone might be interested in learning something about me.

After all I did spend the money for the URL and business cards listing that site as my webpage. 🙂

Now to just keep improving that page, so that it looks great when someone lands on it.

Change Means – No Change

This change means that A Veteran Runnah is my primary blog. As part of this reconfiguration, I don’t plan on any major changes to focus or content. I am going to continue to write primarily about running with some side trips into being a bit of a geek, Harold the Destroyer gardening and healthy living. Oh once in a while I might throw in something a bit odd that relates to my job search, but nothing to really change the focus here.

I do plan to bring over some of the better posts from Professional Crossroads and update them so they fit over here, there were not too many, so I will not suddenly inundate everyone’s feeds with a bazillion posts over the next week.

The reality is that

I might not be doing things the way the job search or even social media “experts” recommend about developing your personal brand and yes it might even make my job search more difficult. At the same time I believe that it is more important to stay who I am, not a construct developed to meet a certain set of criteria.

As I discussed in my The Real Me Please Stand Back Up post, I plan to be more “what you see, is what you get” and hopefully that will be enough.

Here is to A Veteran Runnah and being the VetRunnah :-).


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