Maine Races – List of Running Races in Maine

I was going through my Facebook feeds and came across Jen B’s post, who blogs at Running With the Girls, about a new to me site that has a listing of all the races in Maine or at least most of them.

It is called Maine Races  or MEraces click the link to go to the website.

This is what I was looking for earlier this year and is much more comprehensive than the list of races that put into the calendar app in my sidebar. Looking through the race listings, they seem very complete and are viewable in multiple ways: Location, date, type or all.

Since there is now a better tool out there than the one I developed, I am taking the calendar widget off my blog and replacing it with a link to Maine Races.

This appears to be a great resource for the running community here in Maine. It is also a great tool for those of you who are coming from away and are looking to find a race to run in, while visiting or vacationing here in the great State of Maine.

Thanks Jen for putting the link on Facebook, I know that I will sure use it :-).

Now if I could only somehow wrangle free race entry fees – that would be a good thing ;-). Ah the joys of being a runner and having first world problems.


4 comments on “Maine Races – List of Running Races in Maine

      • Jen thank you so much for giving the link to it, I think it will be a great thing for us to be able to use. Hopefully, they are able to keep it current. I liked it enough to retire my race calendar widget, since this has even more than I could find for my effort to put things in one place. It is a lot of work maintaining this and I got lots of “interesting” emails about the calendar and races that are not on it :-).

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