Memory Lane & Track Workout 6-14-12

P6140028Today was a couple of runs down memory lane, so I will be doing two blog posts today about running down memory lane and you know something, doing it was a lot of fun – well as much fun as the first track workout of the year can be and a second run less than half an hour later. Smile

I took Dad out to lunch for Father’s Day at what used to be the Log Cabin Diner in Newport, Maine (it is now Anglers) and even though I knew I was going to run later or maybe because I knew I was running later – had the fried smelts, french fries, coleslaw and a piece of strawberry-rhubarb pie – I good I only had water to drink. It turned out that this wasn’t all that good, as a pre-workout lunch choice.

After I dropped Dad off, I went over to Nokomis High School.  This is where my love/hate relationship with running first began over 40 years ago.

My stomach still was digesting lunch and wasn’t quite ready for the rigors of doing a track workout yet – so I walked my old cross country trail.


The gate to the Cross Country trail – except when I ran there was no fence Smile


There were quite a few changes – where the big mud hole was is now a big snowmobile bridge, but some of the other parts did bring back some memories.


I can still hear Mr. Smith saying “Stay to the left and stay on the high side damnit”. The things you remember when you go back sometimes.


The road from the school that leads down to Lake Nokomis. I wonder how many fine upstanding pillars of the communities they now live in – think back to this area and smile about when they were not so fine or upstanding Winking smile.


This is the hill that Mr. Smith used to make us run up 5 times or more. Looking at it now it really wasn’t all that long or tough, but to a 15 year old sprinter, who hated running uphill and just wanted to run in straight lines or half a circle around a tracks, it was a punishment truly and simply to run up this hill Smile. Now I would do it and not even whine about it.

It was time to get down to my track workout.


I have seen this view over the course of many years, except when I was there, it was a dirt track and no building at the end of the straight-away.

So how did I do? I have to remember that they changed this from a quarter-mile track to a 400 meter track when they tarred it.

  • 4 laps warm-up 8:54
  • 400m – 90:57
  • 400m – 95:02
  • 400m – 90:15
  • 400m – 90:69
  • 400m – 92:85
  • 400m – 93:97
  • 400m – 92:50
  • 400m – 89:66
  • 4 laps cool down – 9:32

In between the laps, I walked/jogged slowly for a lap. This was my first track workout in a lot of years and I wanted to be consistent and get through it without pulling a hamstring or doing something else stupid. So I kept everything around 75-80%, even so that last fast lap my legs were quivering pretty good.

The Nike Free 4.0 worked like a charm running on the track for me today.

When trying to run fast today, I just never felt quite right. My stride is not smooth or consistent at a faster pace. I need to keep working at running faster to regain my form for running faster.

Getting back to whether fried smelts, french fries, coleslaw and strawberry rhubarb pie with whipped cream is a good pre-workout food choice – trust me it isn’t! I didn’t toss it back it up, but there were a couple of times that it felt pretty damn close. Sick smile

Overall it was good to go back to where my running began, to think back on some of the stuff that I did, the people that I used to hang around with, along with Mr. Smith and Mr. MacDonald who were very important to me, during my high school years.

Things look very different around my old school from when I was there, but other things – well some things just don’t change, but hell after 37 years (Class of 1975), I look different too.

  • How long has it been since you left high school?
  • Do you ever go back?
  • If you do what do you think about?
  • Were you a runner in high school or did you take it up afterwards?

3 comments on “Memory Lane & Track Workout 6-14-12

  1. Love this post. Tuesday was my first time back since early winter. But before last fall it had been closing 18 or so years. And I just happen to live in the same town that I went to high school in so it’s the very same track I ran on in my glory days. I had planned to write a similar one for next week. (It would have been his Tuesday, but I forgot my camera).

    • It brought back a lot of memories for me, I haven’t been back to the Nokomis track since the summer of 2000 and I am glad I did it. Feels strange every time I run on the track though especially when I do 100s & 200s, like ghosts of the past come back and push me to do more than I can otherwise. That is why I chose not to do those distances today. My body is not ready to run FAST right now. I will be interested in reading your view point 🙂

  2. It is great reading your reminiscing story. To answer your questions:

    I graduated in 1981, so 31 years ago.

    Nope, I haven’t gone back. I’m from Sebastopol, California. I have visited their website, but from Missouri it isn’t on my list of places to go since entering the USAF just after graduation I had nothing there (folks move back to the Midwest).

    Can’t answer the third one…

    I was a runner in Freshman, Sophomore years. I sprinted doing the 100 yds, 220 yds, 440 yds, and the mile relay (440 yds). I throw the shot and I did the weightman’s relay (100 yds). Since then I never ran of any significance since. I did my PT test every year in the USAF which was doing a 1.5 mile run within a ridiculous time. I can recall however, that the track was dirt. None of this nice spongy surface.

    Speaking of spongy surfaces, I too am doing some track work for the first time. Fleet Feet in the St. Louis are does a free weekly speedwork through the spring and summer. The very first thing I noticed about the spongy surface, I did my warmups much faster, like 9:30 pace (for me that is just above a tempo run pace [9:10] on the road). And it felt great and so does the speed work (my first season doing it).

    So, I feel ya man, excellent post. With times like those, when you do do the MCM I am betting you will be right in the early to mid 3 hour range. Great stuff, keep up the good work.

    BTW, it is ok to have pie once in a while (and the other stuff). 🙂

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