My Legs Didn’t Like Me–RunLog 6-15-12

The legs were unhappy with me during today’s run. Yesterday’s track workout and loop around Newport afterwards left them pretty tired. Then you add in a long Bennie walk this morning and 2 hours of weed wacking before running this afternoon, they just were not into going around Middle Road – in the least.

However, they did it – albeit grudgingly.

Nike Plus Stats 6-15-12


As you can see I started slow and pretty much just went slow. I made it around the course, which is a tough course and didn’t worry so much about how fast I was running. What I did work on was my form and ensured that I was running quietly – that I felt pretty good about Smile.

Overall, after yesterday’s workout it was a good run and shook some of the cobwebs out of my legs, even if they complained the whole way.

RunLog 6-15-12


2 comments on “My Legs Didn’t Like Me–RunLog 6-15-12

    • Doug – That is the hard part – typically that is has always been my weakest area, this past year it is the area of most improvement in my running – the mental aspect. Thanks Harold

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