Run While You Can

Run While You CanI just realized a little earlier today, that yesterday was a HUGE running anniversary and somehow I forgot about. 

Why is this a big deal?

June 15, 2011 was the day my running began again after my surgery on May 17th. I had been originally diagnosed with a degenerative knee condition that pretty much meant the end of my running career – forever.

Luckily the surgery dismissed that diagnosis and the Doctor found some loose cartilage floating and then some 50 year preventive maintenance while he was poking around in there.

June 15th was a huge day for me – the day I started running again.

Here are parts of my running log entry from that June 15, 2011 run:

Tonight I started running again!!!

I haven’t run without significant right knee pain since February 2010.

It has been almost a month since I had arthroscopic surgery on my knee and I am walking really well on flats and not too steep hills – stairs are still a pain, but getting better. So I decided to try running, well actually jogging (really slowly) tonight.

My run/walk wasn’t real comfortable, but it wasn’t painful there is a difference! When I ran with a forefoot strike it was a lot less painful than running with a heel strike stride. Otherwise my knee was just sore, which is a big difference from the way it felt before.

I did a half-mile loop and I ran a lot more than I walked.

I wrote a little about running shoes and form and finished with:

It felt good to be running again and I know that I am woefully out of shape!!!!

Now to get in good enough shape to do some easy trail running later this summer.

A year ago I couldn’t run or even slowly jog a 1/2 mile without walking and yet this morning, without working very hard I RAN 10.0 miles in under 90 minutes.

Today I knew that I was just going to run 10.0 miles, there wasn’t any doubt about whether I could or not, it was more a question of how fast I wanted to do it.

The particulars of the run really were not important, what was important, was that I was just able to do it.

My running has come so far in that year’s time!

Running has always been a part of who I am and to have it taken away from like it was for almost 15 months was devastating to me physically and mentally. A year ago I weighed almost 200 pounds and well let’s just put it this way, with the constant pain I had been in, I needed time to become me again.

Fast forward to June 15, 2012, I weigh almost 150 and I am me again. My eyes are shining bright and I smile most of the time.

I am healthy.

However, I don’t want to ever take for granted my running, it means too much to me and I know how quickly that ability can be lost.

I think that the picture  that I found on Facebook (Fit Foodies) and shared at the start of this post says what I am trying to say much more eloquently and with a hell of a lot fewer words.

Run While You Can

I have a feeling that this is my new tagline – Run While You Can and keep Smiling.



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