Bond Brook Exploration Trail Run

Today is Father’s Day and I decided to go for my first trail run in a while to celebrate it. I have been intrigued by the new Bond Brook Recreation Area in Augusta and decided to go exploring.

Bond Brook Exploration

As you can see I doubled back over a few trails and didn’t really go all that far. I got in 3.96 miles according to the GPS and just went slow, trying to figure out where I was and which trail I wanted to do next.

Bond Brook is a rabbit warren of trails and it was hard for me to pick which one to stay on. I like the single track trails better, so whenever I would see a good looking single-track – I would veer off to go down that. I didn’t really get to do a loop or anything, but that is part of the fun of running and exploring.

The only bad thing was that the trails are really not that well marked yet and it is easy to get turned around and get on the wrong trail. That is if I was looking to stay on a certain trail.

I like exploring – you are not under any pressure to be at a certain distance at a certain time and I just had fun running this morning. There were some pretty good hills in the trail system and I just bombed around them.

My MT110s worked great and my calves are not sore at all, which I was a little concerned about, but wasn’t a problem. Smile

I don’t know why I haven’t been on the trails much lately, other than I have to drive to them and the price of gas.  I know that do plan to run them more often, if for no other reason then I don’t feel the pressure of running faster and I just run more the sheer joy of running.

RunLog 6-17-12


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