Run to Waterville–RunLog 6-18-12

I ran from the house to the Concourse in Waterville this morning, which the last time I ran it was 13.3 miles. This morning I screwed up the GPS App on my iPhone somehow and paused it when I started and didn’t notice it until I got back on the tar on the Quaker Road downback.

So my “official” GPS stats for for the Nike site of this run are:

Nike Stats 6-18-12

and what is going to go into my running log is 13.3 at 01:49:44.

I was very happy with the run the real dip in pace, was me find a tree to hide behind for a quick duck into the woods and the time it took to find the right spot and then to get going again Smile.

My pacing was very consistent mostly between 8:00 and 8:30, with 8:40 for the first mile being the slowest, so it was a nice run and this makes 4 in a row at sub 1:50. Next week I will go a little slower and maybe try for 15 and hope that I don’t screw up the GPS this time Winking smile.

RunLog 6-18-12


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