Colby Track Workout 6-21-12

P6210001I did it – I made it to the Colby Track!

To be honest, I was worried that it was going to be a great place to get cooked with Fred’s Coffee saying it was 88 degrees as I went by.

I seriously thought about changing my workout to the Colby Trails, but I know that I really need to work on my speed, so I figured if it got too hot, I could bail and run the trails.

Actually, while it was HOT running on the track, there was a little breeze and it got a bit cloudy about half-way through the workout. It definitely was not as bad as yesterday!

Lanes 1-3 are closed to “jogging”, so I ran most everything in lane 4 on the fast laps and lane 6 on the recovery laps, which means it was further than 400m, so I am just going with 4 laps equaling a mile for the workout’s total mileage. Each fast lap had a slow recovery lap after it.

Below are my stats for this track workout:

1.0 mile warm-up 9:05

1.0 mile fast – 6:59

Nike Stats 6-21-12

Yesss!!! I broke the 7:00 minute barrier for the first time in a long, long time Smile. It was close though.

  1. 400 – 95:79
  2. 400 – 94:90
  3. 400 – 96:90
  4. 400 – 96:88
  5. 400 – 96:33
  6. 400 – 100:27
  7. 400 – 97:06

1.0 mile cool down 10:11

Total Distance: 6.7 (actually closer to 6.8 or 6.9 but hey close enough)

It was a tough workout for me, I wanted to get close to the 90 second range, but the heat and the added distance per lap made it just a little too much for right now. I will get there though. The last two fast 400s were a little slow, but the heat had taken its toll and I was beat.

I did notice that the Nike Free 4.0 felt, well spongy on the track. It seemed like I had to put more effort into my laps to run faster on a rubberized track with them. Oh I went fast enough, but it just felt like they were too soft for faster track running.

Running repeats by yourself is tough mentally and I find that those last 400’s would be a little faster with someone there to push me a little bit.

P6210002Overall, I am very happy with the workout, I felt more in control of my running form today and didn’t get all discombobulated when I was running faster, like I did last week. So I am noticing some improvement – which is good Smile.

It was good to see this on the last lap Winking smile.

Runlog 6-21-12

Run While You Can and Keep smiling – Good things will happen! 🙂

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5 comments on “Colby Track Workout 6-21-12

  1. Congrats on the sub 7:00, in the heat even. I broke 7:00 for the first time ever last, and then ended up doing twice more in the same week.

  2. Hey I was there this morning running Colby trails to Pine Ridge and back. let me know when you are running up this way and I’ll try to join you.

    • Mark & Doug Thanks I feel pretty good about it, now to cut another minute off before the summer is over 😉 then I would be very happy, but if I don’t still enjoying the time on the track and not really a big deal as long as I keep on running.

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