Saturday 10.0 Miler

fcd3cb08bd4711e180c9123138016265_6Today was my weekly 10 mile run and my first long run in my new Nike Free Run +3, I will be doing a review on how they did in my first run post that I do on new shoes.

The run itself was pretty uneventful, just one of those get out the door and do it runs.

I purposely try to keep this run slower than my weekly runs to Augusta or Waterville and noticed that I had picked the pace up pretty good without realizing it. So I throttled back and got it where it was supposed to be – in the 9:00 to 10:00 minute pace range – which I did a pretty good job of.

Nike Stats 6-23-12

I was surprised that I kept under a 10:00 minute pace the last 3.0 miles, with the hills (bumps) and dirt road having just been worked on. While it didn’t seem that hot while I was running, when I got back my tech shirt was soaked and my shorts looked pretty disgusting. So the humidity and temps around 80 did get my attention.

Today I also tried running without any compression gear at all, so I could focus on how the shoes felt. This meant I ran without compression shorts for the first time in a long damn time and relied on the old Vaseline/Body Glide to protect my inner thighs from chafing. It worked, but at mile 3.0 definitely had to re-apply the body glide tube that I brought along with me.  However, ended up with no chafing problems, so that was a good thing.

Overall a very good run, but this afternoon have been wiped, the run took a lot more out of me than usual – the heat does that. I am not a great hot weather runner, I do it, but…am not crazy about running in hot weather.

RunLog 6-23-12

Now to make a decision, I am scheduled to take tomorrow off or I can do an easy 5.0 and get 50 miles for the week. Considering how my body reacted after the run today, I am leaning towards the day off Smile.

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