Nice Run in the Rain 6/26/12

IMG_0453Today was a scheduled recovery day after yesterday’s long run, so I planned on doing an easy 3-4 miles at around a 10:00 minute pace. The weather cooperated and the downpour slowed up to a nice steady rain, which I actually love to run in this time of year.

The rain makes the humidity just about right and cools me off, my feet don’t get too wet and there is just something peaceful and magical about running in the rain. Also I ran most of the run “down back” so it was on dirt (partially mud) roads and was very forgiving to land on.

Nike Stats 6-26-12

You can see that my pace was pretty inconsistent, but I purposely kept slowing myself down and focused on landing with more of a full-foot or fore-foot land to see if that took some of the pressure off my left knee. It seemed to have some positive effect, because the knee didn’t bother me at all today. I need to go back and work on my Chi Running skills that I have kind of let lapse over the past few months.

IMG_0452I have a feeling that trying to run faster at short distances and also trying to farther at the same time, is putting a lot of stress on my knees and body. I should probably focus on one or the other instead trying them both at the same time. This might be one of my first real concessions to getting older.

Will I do it mmmmm well ahhh mmmm I’ll think about it.

Unfortunately or fortunately, I am stubborn and a bit hard-headed and not ready to concede anything just yet…but at the same time I want to run comfortably and mostly pain-free for a long time – not just this summer.

I have to be smart about running and figure out which is more important running faster at a shorter distance or being able to run a long distance at a decent pace?

I might just go for a long trail run and skip my track workout Thursday and see how everything feels, because I didn’t have the knee barking at me before I started going back to the track and running a LOT faster than I have been.

RunLog 6-26-12

2 comments on “Nice Run in the Rain 6/26/12

    • Doug – I resemble that remark – stubborn old man 😉 and no you are not alone. It seems when I try to run faster that the knee bothers more, when I focus on my form, gee it bothers less go figure :-). Guess I just have to really work on my form more Thanks Doug

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