Easy 9.0 Today–Form Work 6-27-12

I purposely am trying to keep all but 2 runs a week in the 9:00 to 10:00 minute pace per mile range for a while and really start to focus on my form again. 

Over the past couple of weeks I found that I was trying to run too fast, too often and that my form was reverting back to a more heel strike, over striding style of running . Especially since I started to add track workouts back into the mix.

Nike Stats 6-27-12

On todays semi-long run of 9.0 miles, I purposely stayed slower than 9:00 minute pace and worked hard on my landing full foot/forefoot. This focusing on my running form helped a lot, my knee didn’t bark, growl or try to get even with me for running today – at all.

In fact it seemed to enjoy the run. Smile.

It just is very hard to listen to what the body wants or is able to do, versus what your goals are or what you have planned. This is just one of those areas, I am starting to get better at, just haven’t gotten real good at it yet. But then again I am a runner and invincible right – wrong and I have to remember that I am not in my 20’s anymore.

That is the hardest part.

I know that I enjoyed the run, and got it in before the rains came back for round 30 or how ever many times it has rained lately. I was dry the entire time, but it was still pretty darn humid, so I looked like it had been raining anyway. My hat was dripping sweat drops instead of rain drops, even TheWife commented that I looked like I had just gone swimming.

Probably I could have used that rain to keep a little cooler – oh well, we can’t tell Mother Nature what she is going do, she just laughs at us and does what she wants any way.
Winking smile

RunLog 6-27-12

5 comments on “Easy 9.0 Today–Form Work 6-27-12

  1. Nice post Harold. I find it almost impossible to land on the ball of my foot. I run heel to toe. Should I try to change that or is it something I’m stuck with? 9 miles in high humidity…I can imagine the sweat! lol


    • Hi Doug – When I say forefoot, I guess for me it is more full foot, unless I am running 7:30’s or faster. I have tried to incorporate a lot of the methods from Chi Running, the Natural Running Center and Natural Running from the Natural Running Store. Basically shorter stride, higher cadence, landing more under hips with a slight lean at the ankles, then let the body figure it out from there.

      So I don’t know if I actually land on the ball of foot for the entire run and when I get tired, I tend to revert back to more of a heel strike gait.

      Someday, I might even go to one of those gait analysis clinics and really see what my gait is and things I can do to improve it. But right now I am running pretty good and hate to mess with something that is working :-).

      I have found your gait does depend a little bit on which style of shoes you are wearing (the experts say it shouldn’t matter), but for me if I wear one pair/style of shoes with a high stack height and more than an 8MM heel to toe drop, I tend to run with more of a heel strike than I do with more minimal shoes.

      Pete Larson’s site Run Blogger is a great resource and he just published a book that I want to get.

      Hope that helps, and no you can change your running style, but it isn’t easy and can be pretty frustrating at times. However, the changes that I have been able to make, have left me so that I am running more and farther than I have in a long time. 🙂

      Good Luck


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