Bond Brook 5K Trail Race Course Orientation

P6280004-001This was a two run day, which wasn’t all that bad, but I learned something very important tonight.

After finishing tonight, my feet felt as though someone had beat them with a ballpeen hammer. I haven’t experienced that feeling with these shoes before, but even with a few hours in between the runs, my feet are pretty darn sore. There are a lot of rocks, roots and little stumps that I just seemed to find, step on wrong and there was just a little too much ground feel for me.


They are great at UMA or on trails with less rocks and stuff, but if I am going to run a lot of trail races the next few months at Bond Brook, I think I might want something a little more cushioned and with more of a rock plate.

I did run portions of the 5K race trail this morning, so I am starting to feel pretty comfortable with the course now. I learned that the 5K race trail is marked by pink and yellow ribbons, which I had seen before, but wasn’t sure what they mean with all the other markers around too.

The orientation run itself was slow and we stopped several times at the trickier turns or where the trail could be confusing – to ensure that everyone had a great idea of the turns and the different parts of the trail.

Bond Brook Orientation Run 6-28-12

After running the course (which was wheel measured to be 3.1, but only came up as 2.75 on GPS – which is a common problem with GPS) with the orientation group, a few of us went ahead reran the first part of the trail again back to the Mt. Hope Cemetery Trail Head, which I figured was around 1.8 miles or so back there. Not exact, but close enough and besides I didn’t feel like going back up the hill on the road section.

Even though the runs tonight were slower, I still worked up a good sweat and actually found that by running slower that I worked really hard on my form. My knees didn’t bother me at all, now to go soak my feet for a while.

I was glad that I got to meet a lot of other runners tonight, many of whom are new to trail racing (not that I am a grizzled old vet at it – seeing I haven’t done a trail race since high school), It was fun to do be running with other runners and not worry about competing or doing anything other than running and enjoying their company.

Who knows I might even volunteer to help out a little bit, with some of the stuff going on at Bond Brook, after all it is in my backyard and I have a feeling I might be running there more than a few times over the next 10-20 years.

RunLog 6-28-12 2nd

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