Middle Road HOT 5.0 Miler 6-29-12

Friday’s are a busy day around the Shaw household and that usually means that I get to run later in the afternoon than usual. That is what happened today, I didn’t get to run until almost 3:30 P.M. and it was still in the mid 80’s. One saving grace was a breeze, that felt so good!

A quick video of how I felt after my 5.0 mile run.

Nike Stats 6-29-12

As you can see from the splits I was slowing down by the time I hit the 3.0 mile mark and that last mile up the two hills, I was toast. Surprisingly, I still was able to keep it under 10:00 for that last mile.

Like I said in the video it was a hot run and I just wanted to do it, keep working at getting acclimated to the hotter weather and enjoy the run. Which I did, actually I didn’t even look too beat up in the video, but I know that I sure did sweat a lot during this run.

RunLog 6-29-12

It seems strange to think that if I do my normal 10.0 miler tomorrow morning that I will have 50 miles for the week and I really don’t feel too bad tonight, not super tired or sore any particular place, except the bottom of my feet from yesterday’s trails runs. Even those feel a lot better than they did last night.


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