July 2012 Recap

The best thing that happened this month had nothing to do with running, it had to do with going to visit Minnesota to visit my daughter, her husband and my grandkids.


They definitely are boys, climbing and running every where they can. Smile

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Stuck to the Plan 5.0 Mile Recovery Run 7/31/12

P7310001Today’s run was planned to be a 5.0 mile recovery run, between 45:00 and 50:00 minutes.

Usually, I have a problem with running recovery runs waaaayyyyy to fast, so today, I focused on going slower and pulling back whenever, I started to speed-up.

Guess what?  I did it!!! I finished in 46:46 for the 5.0 miles.

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16 Miles Done 7/30/12

P7300008Today I was going back and forth between doing a 13 or 16 mile run and didn’t really make up my mind until I got to the 13.1 mile turn-around point, when I just kept going.

When I started out at around 9:30 A.M. it was 68, sunny and the wind was out of the south. When I finished just before noon the temp had climbed up to 78, sunny and the wind was out of the Northeast???

Beautiful day, but just a little too warm for a good run, so I stayed within myself and just ran according to how my body felt. Which meant that I ran a lot faster to start and slowed down the last 6.0 miles or so, when it started to heat up.

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Week In Review–7/29/12

P7240156I made it back from Minnesota, safe and sound, which I thought was a good thing. Smile 

I am not a big traveller so as much as I enjoyed myself out there, seeing the grandkids, my daughter and her husband, it was great to be back home.

While I was out there, I might have helped create a new runnah, errr runner in my son-in-law. He even went out yesterday and bought a pair of new running shoes. Guess he wants to beat the old man, the next time I go out to Minnesota and he has even told me he will contribute a post or two about how his running is going.

My favorite post from the past week was: Major Milestone Run–7/27/12

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5.0 Mile Run in the Rain–7/29/12

Rainy DayI woke up from taking a nap this afternoon and decided to go for an easy recovery run after yesterday’s 5K. My legs felt a little heavy and I wanted to get them moving a little.

It rained earlier today and I forgot to look at the radar map, before I took off. So of course about 1.5 miles into the run, it started to sprinkle and then at the 2.0 mile point it started to rain and would rain the rest of the way.

I definitely didn’t overheat on this run and I got to test the Altra’s out on wet roads and the wet gravel roads down back.

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50 Mile Review of Altra Instincts

P7290006Initially I was going to wait until 100 miles to do this review, but I have been doing the 50 mile running shoe reviews since I started A Veteran Runnah and decided to keep doing it that way.

There have been so many reviews published on the Altra Instinct’s over the past year, that I probably don’t have any earth shattering insights about them, other than my own experiences with them. So I will not bore you with the technical specs on the Instinct’s, which you can find on the Altra website or by doing a web search for them.

Some very good reviews of the Instinct’s can be found here (Birthday Shoes) or here (RunBlogger).

Many bloggers and others have tried to pigeon-hole the Instinct’s into this category or that category, but the only thing that really matters to me, is whether or not they work for how I run and if they are comfortable to me when I am running in them.

Isn’t that what is actually important? Not all the other noise and hoopla.

How are the Altra Instincts doing after 55.8 miles?

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Peter Golding Inaugural Memorial 5K Race Recap

P7280003I found out about this race on our Cable System’s Public Access Channel on Thursday night. Since where it was being held is part of my 10 mile River Road, I decided hey why not, only $6.00 for an entry fee helped as well. Smile

Initially the weather cooperated and it stayed cloudy and relatively cool low 70’s until about a mile into the race, when the run came out and heated up quickly.

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Major Milestone Run–7/27/12

P7270008Today was a pretty important run for me.

The run itself was a 10 mile run. The temps were in the mid to upper 80’s and the humidity did affect me a little, but not nearly as bad as it has been. Since it was still pretty hot, so I just ran at a comfortable pace and listened to my body, instead of pushing it.

Throughout the run, I mostly worked on how I was landing, trying to find that sweet spot with the Instincts.

My 10 miler today really meant something special to me.

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Colby Upper/Lower Trails Exploration 7/26/12

P7260004I went for a trail run this morning over at Colby College in Waterville. They have a bunch of different trails all over the campus, but I decided to just do the upper and lower ones heading back towards downtown.

The weather was overcast and sprinkling rain every so often, but it was in the low 70’s. Which meant it felt great!

I still worked up a great sweat, but the heat wasn’t unbearable, like it has been for a while.

The biggest problem was the horseflies, they were pretty horrible! Once when I stopped to take a picture, I killed three of the little buggers with one swat. Needless to say I didn’t dilly dally around when it came to stopping, to take pictures or anything else.

The trails themselves were in GREAT shape and I even found the trail head behind the tennis courts, so I can park over by the track, instead of down on the street. I just feel better about parking there.

Here are pictures from today’s run.

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