No More NikePlus for my iPhone 3G

NikePlusThis sucks!

The new NikePlus iPhone App no longer supports my iPhone 3G device. Unless I am reading or doing something wrong.

I discovered this when tried to update to the new version and couldn’t get it to work. So I deleted my old version when it wouldn’t work thinking that something was wrong and that getting rid of the old version would help.

When that didn’t work I went to the NikePlus App and found out that it only went back to the iPhone 3GS – needless to say I WAS BUMMED.

This means that I don’t have any means to input new data to the NikePlus website, that I have used exclusively for a few months now and really liked the updates and changes that they have made there.

I can hear some readers now, just go out and get a new iPhone, Android phone or a Nike GPS watch, so you can keep using the site. Sorry but for those of us on a fixed income and limited budget that is not the answer!  We have to make do, with what we have.

Some times, you just have to say okay and that this is happening for a reason, but it sure is a pain in the butt.

It is situations like this, it makes me glad that I keep my RUNLOG Spreadsheet separately from any website running log. My data will still be current and accurate, even though I can not add more data to the NikePlus website and use their great charts and data summaries on my blog.

RunLog 7-2-12

So I have looked at the different iPhone running Apps that still support the iPhone 3G and have basically come down to using RunTastic. It seems to best fit my current needs.

They all seem to have their pros/cons, but since more and more iPhone Apps are phasing out 3G support, my choices are becoming limited. I used the RunTastic app for a few months last summer, so I will give that a try for a little while to see how it does.

Oh, I imagine that sooner or later that I will get a GPS watch and do away with the trusty old 3G, but until then I have to use what I have. Progress is great until it affects you, when you haven’t progressed Smile at the same rate or speed.

If you have other ideas for running Apps that work on the 3G and sync to a website, I would be interested in hearing your opinion.

There I didn’t whine or complain too much did I Don't tell anyone smile, but boy did I want to.


10 comments on “No More NikePlus for my iPhone 3G

  1. I used the nike+ shoe sensor when I first started running. Its only about $35 and works with the Ipod. You might be able to use it with an Iphone as well, not sure. It uses stride length and count to calculate distance (so it’s not necessarily very accurate), but it might allow you to access Nike’s running site, which is by far the best online running community.

    I also was bummed when I realized that Nike has a deal with Apple and the Nike+ application isn’t available for the Android. I really miss that website/software!

    I bought a Garmin 305 for about $120 on Amazon last year. Garmin’s online tools are pretty detailed which is good, but they do a terrible job of building community and the website is hard to use, but the gps watch was worth every penny.

    Good luck finding a workable solution.

    • I will probably end up using either RunTastic or Garmin’s iPhone App, I know that I will miss the Nike+ App though, really liked it. Oh well, my chance to see what Garmin Connect is like, who knows :-). I might like it.

      • Well I personally just went from Nike+ app on my iPhone to a Garmin 210 watch and I definitely love the data from Garmin Connect!! Good luck finding another app that you’ll like! 🙂

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