Run Into Hallowell 15.5 Miles–7/2/12

P7020003Today was long run day, so while I was planning where to run, I thought about doing a couple more miles than usual. 15.0 sounded liked a nice odd number to try for.

The weather when I started was bright sunshine and high 70’s and a very light breeze. An absolutely beautiful day Smile. The weather wasn’t really a factor, at least I didn’t notice, other than I purposely was drinking more often than usual.When I was coming back through Hallowell, it started to sprinkle and then once I got to Pine State it started to rain. Which actually felt pretty good to me.

I started out pretty comfortably, but at my usual mile mark, the GPS App didn’t go off and I just seemed to keep going and going almost another quarter mile before it said 1.0 mile complete. Weird, but hey, I just use the GPS as a guestimate of mileage – I know they are not that accurate.

Nike Splits 7-2-12

I wanted to try and keep the run around 9:00 minute pace for the 15.0 miles.

Nike Stats 7-2-12

I had a GPS dip around mile 4.0 and ended up with 15.3 miles for the run. When I checked the route info on the Nike + create a run map it came up with:

Mileage According to Nike  Create a course map 7-2-12

So the GPS App was .2 tenths of a mile short of the probable distance. I think that I did pretty good though, Nike+ estimated that it would take me 2:21:24 and I did it in 2:20:28, just a little faster. So they have my time down pretty close.

I wanted to keep my pace around 9:00 minutes for the 15.0 miles and think that 9:03 is pretty close Smile.

The other thing that I accomplished on this run, was when I got home I weighed myself and I came in at 149. Now this is a number that I never thought that I would ever see again from me on a scale. I know that weighing yourself after running is cheating, but this is how I always used to do it, so that I would know how much I needed to re-hydrate myself. Still it is the first time I have been in the 140’s in forever.

My Nike Free 4.0’s did great! They continue to be so comfortable and I haven’t had any problems with them while running – so far so good!

RunLog 7-2-12

15 compared to 13 miles really doesn’t sound all that different, but those extra 18+ minutes out on the run today, felt like forever!  The extra 2.0 miles does make a difference.

Could I have gone further. No problem, but I have a feeling right around 20.0 miles I would have bonked hard without, a gel packet and more water.

It does feel pretty good to say that I have gone this far again Smile.


4 comments on “Run Into Hallowell 15.5 Miles–7/2/12

    • Thanks Amanda, it seems like that was someone else and this is just what I do :-), but it is a great feeling to be able to run that far and know that you could have gone farther 🙂

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