5.0 Mile Recovery Run–7/3/12

The trials and tribulations of a techie runnah. Yesterday I was trying to update my Nike+ iPhone  App and after I deleted my old App, found out that my old 3G iPhone is not supported by the new Nike+ App.

This means that I no longer have a way to upload to the Nike+ Website. So today, I have been trying out different iPhone Apps, to use while I am running and have come down to 3 different ones that intrigue me the most.

  • Garmin
  • Runtastic Pro
  • Strava

So over the rest of this week, I will be trying out these iPhone Apps to see which one meets my needs best and will pick one to use for a while or until I eventually get a GPS watch and have to use that software/website.

I was going to do an easy run to recover from my 15.0 miler yesterday, but I was feeling pretty good and decided to go out to Notta Rd for an easy 5.0 and to give me more data for the Garmin iPhone App that I used today.

Here are the Garmin Stats:

Garmin Stats 7-3-12

There is a lot of data available after the run is done. The timing/pace chart is rather useless in my mind. I have no idea what Moving Time is – because I was moving the entire time??? The splits are available which is data that I have come to like.

I missed having the App announce my distance/time/pace each mile during the run.

There are some things that I like about the Garmin App and I have a feeling that it should be more accurate than some of the other Apps that I have used – at least I hope it is based on the Garmin reputation.

Overall, the run felt good and I came up the hill faster than I usually do at the end. It was a decent run and for having run long yesterday, I felt surprisingly good on my run today.

RunLog 7-3-12


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