Running Colby/Quarry Road Trails 7/5/12

7-5-12 Course RouteI went to Colby this morning and caught up with another runner that I have met through local races and Twitter, to run some of the Colby/Waterville trails. Finally, I now know where the trail is behind the Colby Alfond Building, along the Interstate and stream.

I didn’t have to go down Mayflower Hill!

Then we went in through Quarry Road and ran to the power line, 4 wheeler trails to Rt 42 and then came back along the roads to Colby. Finally, made it up the hill on County Rd, haven’t run there, in probably 4-5 years and that hill always gave me problems, wasn’t a problem today Smile.

This was my second run in my new Adidas Vigor TR’s and they did great! No hot spots, rubbing or any discomfort. They gripped the trail well, handled the transition areas from road to trail without any problems and the last few miles which were all road, I didn’t feel that knobby feel that some trail shoes give you on the roads. VERY pleased so far with how they are working.

The best part was that the soles of my feet didn’t hurt or get bruised, but it wasn’t all that rocky anywhere we ran today. The real test for me will be when I run at Bond Brook on Sunday morning.

Garmin Stats 7-5-12

It wasn’t a fast run, but I wasn’t looking to run fast, when I run trails, I want to just run and enjoy myself, be able to talk and enjoy the scenery.

I had thought about going to the Colby Track after the run was over, but the more that I thought about it, I thought why? I did almost 7.0 miles and I felt really great. All the track workout would do is hurt and possibly make my knee hurt (it hasn’t hurt since I stopped doing track workouts) again.

It was nice to run with someone else and rely on them to know where they were going. The Garmin App on my iPhone worked well, but was still a little short compared to the GPS Garmin Device being carried by the other runner. They had 6.95 and I ended up with 6.71 – just about a 1/4 mile difference????

Oh well, have a feeling that a GPS specific device is in my wish list now.

RunLog 7-5-12

So instead I went ahead and got my hair cut – definitely needed it, gray curls are not my style . Like that short, clean look is the hair style I prefer for myself. Yes I changed my t-shirt, wiped off some of the sweat/mud and used a little deodorant to make myself a almost presentable for being around others. I can be somewhat civilized sometimes. Winking smile


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