Hot and Muggy 5.0 Miler–7/6/12

Bennie and I 7-6-12It was definitely hot and muggy this afternoon!!!

By the time I got to run at around 3:30, I was already tired and when I looked at the window thermometer, it was reading 92 degrees in the sun.

Which made me think for a second about bagging it, but I really wanted to run.

So what did I do?  I put my running clothes on, stepped out the door, did my 100 ups and started running. I did bring my water bottle and I was glad that I did, after the first couple of miles, I really, really needed it.

The picture is after today’s run, I met TheWife and Bennie out for his afternoon walk and did a photo opp. Yes Bennie Bean is pulling me along on his leash, telling me that he wants to go faster! At that point I was wondering who was walking who Smile.

I planned on doing the Middle Road Loop and wanted to see what the Garmin Fit App on my iPhone 3G measured it as. Below is the Garmin Connect summary for the run.

Garmin Stats 7-6-12

This has been measured anywhere from 4.94 to 5.49 with other iPhone GPS Apps and it will be interesting to see how consistent the reading is with the Garmin Fit App  – I hope it is fairly close that would be a nice change of pace.

Considering how hot it was, I am very happy with this run! A sub 9:00 minute pace overall in mid to high 80’s with high humidity are tough running conditions.  I did slow down a lot after mile 2.0 but I was still pretty consistent, but I had to figure out how to unlock the program before I could stop it at the end of the run – just part of the learning curve of a new App.

I ran in the Nike Free Run +3 again and am starting to get used to them, they have a definite different “feel” than the Free 4.0, but they are comfortable and I like how they feel, but I think that I will go back to either a 4MM or 6MM drop shoe next time – there is a small difference in how easy it is to land more full/fore foot.

RunLog 7-6-12


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