River Road 10 Miler Done–7/7/12

Good morning, well early afternoon, I got my 10 mile run in before it got ridiculous outside. When I started it was around 75 and about 70% humidity, when I finished is was in the mid 80’s and probably 75 to 80% humidity – unnngggghhhhhh.  Did I ever tell you how much I hate the heat and humidity.

But hey it is part of it being summer time, so just get used to it and suck it up Smile.

I said I was going start doing more videos and here is my vlog of this morning’s run.


I even played around with Microsoft’s Movie Maker software a little, just to see if I could remember how to use it Smile. Its been a while, but after a few starts and stops got the basics re-figured out.

Garmin Stats 7-7-12

Those last 4.0 miles always seem to get me. This is a pretty tough course for me, but that is part of the reason I do it. It challenges me to go up hills when I am already pretty tired.

I got very lucky the clouds stuck around for most of my run, however, when the sun came out it was pretty damn miserable and jacked the temps pretty quick. I imagine that in some places it was over 90 degrees just from the waves I was seeing ahead of me off the tar.

No my fastest run around this course, but I did it and when it is hot/humid like this outside, that is all I want to do – finish.

One thing about doing videos is I don’t have to write as much – yeah right Winking smile. I am still more comfortable with the written format than I am vlogging, but I am getting better, not great, but better.

RunLog 7-7-12


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