Long Run Lessons Learned 7/9/12

P7090001Ever have a run, where you learned a LOT, about things that you really didn’t think about before. Well today was that kind of run for me. A learning experience. I did my 13.1 mile run from home into Augusta and the time wasn’t bad, but a couple of minutes slower than I wanted.

Then again running into a 10 mph headwind in 75-80 degree weather does tend to slow you down a little bit. So I was happy with the effort and what learned today.

  • That my Brooks hi-visibility running hat is a GREAT 3 season hat, but not so great when the temps are in the 70’s or 80’s on a long run. Need to get a hi-visibility visor, other high-vis running hats (summer weight) or more brightly colored shirts (something other than black, gray or dark blue) Smile to wear while on high traffic area runs – without the hat.

  • That my Nike Free Run+3 are not going to be my long-distance running shoes. They are fine for up to about 6 maybe 7 miles, but after that my the little toes on my both feet started to bother. It might have something to do with the lacing system that the +3 have, it cinches my feet down too much. I also just never felt right with my form, everything seemed to be forced instead of the natural feeling that I have with the 4.0. I will stick with the Nike Free 4.0 v2 for my long runs.
  • That changing when I took my Cliff Energy Shot at about mile 8.0 did make a difference – I didn’t slow down into a 9:00 minute pace during miles 10-11 or 11-12 like I usually do. Looking at the splits, I was able to stay a little faster. Maybe I will try fueling about mile 7.0 next week.
  • That I missed having my miles/times/pace announced to me by a GPS App. Might have to re-think using the Garmin Fit App since it doesn’t do this, even though I like it’s website a lot better than most of them and the App itself works pretty well.
  • That doing a 4.0 plus mile trail run (even if it is slow) the day before my long run is not a great idea – the legs felt pretty dead at the end of the run today.
  • That lifting weights, an upper body workout, the day before my long run isn’t part of the solution.
  • That mowing the lawn for an hour and half the day before my long run doesn’t work well the next day.

Sometimes I forget that I am a lot closer to 55, not 25 and just keep pushing. Might have to re-think that philosophy if I want to run my long runs better Winking smile.  Naw – knowing me, I will just keep pushing after all “it’s only practice”.

Here are the  Garmin Connect site stats for this run:

Garmin Stats 7-9-12

The last part in 9:22 was basically because I was getting out my iPhone with a 1/4 mile left and trying to see how much distance was left before I hit 13.1. Basically I lost my focus. I am used to being able to wait until the announced 13.0 mile and then a little while later I get the iPhone out to stop the App at 13.1. Oh well something else I learned today and another reason for Apps that announce time/distance/pace.

Actually I was quite happy with the run and everything that I learned. The next long run I plan to run in my Nike Free 4.0 v2 and maybe not mow the lawn or lift weights the day before. Who know I might actually take Sundays off like I keep saying that I am going to do Smile.

RunLog 7-9-12

Overall it was a beautiful day for a run.


8 comments on “Long Run Lessons Learned 7/9/12

        • Alex – I have a feeling you are forgetting the difference in our ages 🙂 I turn 55 next month and am starting to realize that while I can do some things really great, I can’t do everything really great any more – which totally sucks by the way. When I forget that, I pay for it a lot more now than I did when I was in my 20’s and would be out until 3-4 and then up and at ’em at 6. The body works great, but it takes longer to recover than it used to. Trust me if I try to just do it and then my body says – nope you ain’t doing it that fast that soon. ;-). Enjoy your youth, it goes far too quickly!

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