Tough 17.0 Miler in the Heat 7-16-12

P7160023Today I ran without a GPS device for the first time in a long time and it was a good thing, I felt pretty good running “naked” (except for my watch, phone, and clothes Winking smile.

In this heat with the chance of t-storms I wanted my phone available, I like to take pictures and not too many people are going to want see me without my clothes on. No I don’t have the physique of Adonis, I have the physique of an almost 55 year old runnah.

Originally I was going to run from Home to Gardiner via the Augusta Rail Trail, but the Beaner was still a bit under the weather, so we decided that I would do my long run here in Sidney.

Which means that at the end of the run, I get to go up 2 pretty tough hills and that little middle bump!  Just what I want to do after 14-15 miles of running  in 80 degree heat  with another 2-3 left to go – yep that is where the hills are on this course at the end – YECH!!!!   Smile with tongue out

These last two hills made the course rather challenging, not because they are that bad of hills, but where they are at the end of the run.

Elevation for 7-16-12 Run

So I did a 17.0 Mile run today! I used both Google and Bing to double-check how far the course was, one said 16.9 and the other said 17.08, so I just called it 17.0 – close enough for my purposes.

Oh yeah – by the time I got going it was already 78 in the shade according to the thermometer and when I got back around noon, it was 87, so it definitely was a hot run!


During the run, I wasn’t worried about pace or anything and the only info that I had was my watch and where I was. I wasn’t trying to maintain a certain pace, all I wanted to do was complete the course and get back to the house.

I did run slow mostly between 9:00 and 10:00 minute pace and did really well until I got to about the 2:20:00 mark around the Bacon Farm (where I took my last Gel Shot) . I started to really feel the heat, by the time I got to mile 14, I was bonking pretty hard, going up Bartlett Hill, I definitely did some walking and then again when I went up Stephens Hill – I just didn’t have anything left when I finished this run.





I had been reading on a blog that it was possible that on hot days that because so many of us are wearing tech shirts that wick away moisture that it negatively affects our runs. I wanted see what would happen, so I wore an old cotton shirt on my hot long run.

Interestingly, I did feel a bit cooler with the sweat soaked shirt than I did last week with my tech shirt, but the negatives of the extra weight and discomfort around the nipples (I forgot to tape them), probably outweighed the cooling affect for me. This was very unscientific and ultimately, the heat still got me in the end.

Overall,while  it wasn’t my toughest run of the year, it was my longest and I walked for the first time this year on a run. I just thought in this heat it was better to go slow or walk a little than to try to be a hero and push myself to run with a survival shuffle those last 3.0 miles or so.

My left knee started to bother me around mile 8 during the run, so I promised myself that I wouldn’t run a marathon this year, because of it, but around mile 12 it seemed to work itself out and didn’t bother the rest of the run and isn’t hurting at all (other being a little stiff, which is to be expected after 17.0 miles), so I will try a couple more longer runs to see how it goes before I decide one way or another.

RunLog 7-16-12

No I am not a completely narcissistic about having to take my photo while running. I am doing for the benefit of those wonderful people who “wonder” if I might be a fantasy runnah. To those of you who believe that, I hope you enjoy the pics of this handsome face Winking smile.

BTW I ran the entire way in my Nike Free Runs +3 shoes and changing the lacing pattern really made a difference today. My right foot/pinky didn’t bother at all! I think I might have found the solution to running longer in these shoes. Still not crazy that I feel as though I heel strike more in them. Gotta keep working on my form, but it is funny how something as simple as changing the lacing pattern can make a huge difference in how a pair of shoes feel when running.


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