My Swim errrr Run Today 7-16-12

Weather MapToday was a recovery run after my 17.0 mile excursion in the heat yesterday.

It was kind of funny because today I waited until the rain and small thunderstorm went through, what a difference a day makes.

At least until I opened the door and realized that the humidity was still in the 90% range, even though it was only 76 degree. So I got ready for my swim – ummm run.

Running Naked

I also ran pretty much naked today – in more ways than one. Electronically, all I brought was my watch. Which felt weird at the start, I have gotten so used to carrying all the crap that I do that it felt as though I was forgetting something and the other part I explain a little further down.

The Run

I purposely went out slow to let the legs get the idea of what is going on again and I think that they really appreciated the easy warm-up, instead of going for it from the start.

My splits were:

Notta Road Turnaround (about 2.5) – 24:23

My Mailbox (about 5.0) – 47:59

Final – 56:48

I did double the mileage that I thought I was going to when I started, working on my form helped a lot and I felt pretty darn good for having run my long run yesterday. I even picked up the pace pretty good for the last mile plus.  While it wasn’t a fast run, it was a good run.

Without all the electronics along, I was much more focused on the run and able to work a lot on my form. I did miss having my camera along though, but I will live through it.

Nipple Chafe

About a mile and half into my run, my nipples began to really, really bother me (after being abused (chafed) in my sweat soaked cotton shirt during my long run yesterday), so I decided to do something that I haven’t done in years – take my shirt off in public!!!!

I was so afraid that all the cars driving by would be blinded by the brilliant white that has been hidden by my shirt all these years and they would end up in the ditches or that people would faint dead away when they saw me go by and not because I look like like a body builder with great 6 pack abs Winking smile.

But really, this is the first time that I have run shirtless in public in many, many years. When I was 30 to 50 pounds heavier, I didn’t want other people to see just how fat I was. Now even though I am a lot skinnier, I still haven’t up the gumption to take my shirt off outside very often. I am still insecure about having people seeing me without my shirt on – because I certainly don’t look anything like all those photos we see of so many others and their great bodies.

No I am not going to post a picture of me without a shirt on, anytime soon on this blog, after all I don’t want to scare people away. Not too many people want to look at an old 55 year old (well in 3 weeks) runner without his shirt on – showing off his bleached-out shiny white skin.

It did feel good to run like I did back in the day, shorts, shoes, a hat and not much else and no my hat wasn’t a Raspberry Beret  Smile.

There is a Difference

Although there is only a 2MM difference in drop between the Free Run+3 and the Free 4.0v2 when I run in the shoes, they have a completely different feel, which leads different styles of running, at least for me.

I definitely land on my heels more in the Free Run’s and while I did 17 miles in them yesterday, I just have never gotten real comfortable with them.

When I ran today in the 4.0’s, I really focused on running with more of a forefoot landing and leaning at the ankles on this morning’s run, with short quicker strides. While keeping my arms tucked in and more of a back swing than across my body. I think that I did pretty good with my form-work.

I prefer how the Free 4.0’s feel, but have noticed that the soles are starting to break down a lot more on the inner heal than they were and my knees feel a lot more tired after running longer runs in them, so I have a feeling that they are about at the end of the running life cycle for me. However, they have made it a lot further than most of the shoes I have run in lately.

Need to start looking at what I want for my next pair, do I stay with the Nike Free 4.0 or move to a different 4MM or even zero drop shoe, gonna have to wait and see. I still have to wear out the Free Runs Smile.


RunLog 7-16-12

Nope going for my swim errrr run today was great, I remembered what it was like to run naked or nearly naked and that I know there is a definite difference for me between my two difference styles of Nike Free running shoes.


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